I feel like a nub for asking this.

I play anders a lot, and tend to go hogs early game. One thing that always screws me over is Arby.

I mean I can kill Arby with hogs using D bomb, but the build time for the army to re appear is far shorter than the re charge time of the D bomb.

Basically what i’m asking is how do you kill a Raging Arby with hogs and No D bomb? All I tend to be able to do at this point is leg it away from the arby and If i’m unluky he can keep up in rage mode.

So any tips around this?

In a team game, you would most likely have an arbiter on your side as well, so best case scenario is to basically catch their arby at an appropriate time.

Sure you can kill one with 10 hogs and a dbomb, but you really have to continue that assault and not let him recharge. Hopefully at this point you are double pumping them and if you are, you are in a much better shape than you think. Push up with your hogs in conjunction with your arbiter and fight whatever opposing threat is left for example: Tanks, other gauss, air, etc. you do have time to build another 4 hogs, if you are double pumping that is.

Another thing you can do is if the arby is on your side, on his base and dbomb the teleporter and destroy buildings on his base. that way when you fight the arby again, he wont be able to rage. Normally you would not want to face the arby head on unless you are able to follow it up

Base trade. Arbiter goes to your base? Go to his. If he doesn’t, sit and stack gren > gauss and keep them spread so that if he catches you you split and lose a hog or two.
In a 1v1, you force him into wraiths or hunters, so expand and gauss hornet or expand and tank wolve behind your gren push as it should buy you a good minute, 2 minutes to get tech up, then base trade till you can have enough to fight him.

Rinse repeat till you have enough to both drop a d-bomb and then follow it up with critical damage. Tech to gauss or tank/wolve behind it. 10-12 gauss will kill a t1 arbiter losing between 4 and 8 hogs, 16+ hogs needed for a t2 arbiter and youll lose anywhere from 4-8 to 12-16+ depending on lag/micro on either side.

In teams you either have a brute to force the arbiter to defend (allowing your hogs free roam or allowing them to pick away on the opposite side of the defending arbiters base) or you have your own arbiter to force the opposing arbiter on offense, allowing you to base trade or to poke at him with gunner while he loses pads to your arbiter.

With a brute on your team you force him to rage, heavily delaying T2 (t1 arby isn’t cost efficient in most cases) and then forcing vampires later (delaying full t2/ghstly). With an arbiter you can simply match dmage or rage him back.