I feel like 343 cut out the best plot for Halo 5.

The Janus key, an item that showed the location of every forerunner installation in the galaxy. An object similar to the sacred icon in how it could turn the tide in the war. An object that would determine possibly everything.

And 343 kills it off so they can show more chief and cortana.

Pretty lame.

Ehh don’t see what chief or cortana have to do with it but I agree that they pretty much made much of h4 and Spartan ops pointless.

So how would the Janice Key play its part in the stories and Halo 4, and Halo 5: Guardians?

Maybe it’ll come back during Halo 6?

At some point (or atleast as I keep saying I will) I’m going to check and see if all the sudden narrative shifts, such as the sudden wrap up with the Janus Key, and other narrative changes happened around a specific time and what might have been the cause corporate side. (I’ve got a solid hunch right now). Here’s hoping though they make up for all of it with an extremely clever recovery.