I fear for the future of multiplayer after just 1 day

Apart from the really over-dramatic title, my guy, chill, it’s a beta, it’s not the end of the world, sure there are issues, but here’s the thing, it’s a work in progress. If people are always this ignorant, then I fear that people will never be happy for what 343 are giving to us. Either don’t play the multiplayer just so you can throw a fit over crap that is temporal or you can play another game until Infinite launches in 2 weeks. If you can’t do that simply, then you’re only hurting yourself at that pace.

Title aside, OP gave some reasonable criticisms about the game, I don’t think you can discount their opinion because the game is in beta

there is a debate to be had that a game simply cannot be called a beta & have a release window in less than a month from now., there probably will not be a significant day-one patch to address the multiple concerns people have with the game as new systems will need to be implemented to address them.

I don’t think it’s a case of being ungrateful, rather it’s being underwhelmed with what systems currently exist/do not exist, it’s reasonable to be concerned about the future course of the game, retention is key.


literally getting 50xp by not winning, losing, or crashing - is just the bottom tier greed.
I mean you get 50 per completed match, this means to get best results you can just join quick battle and - do nothing, but prevent auto-kick (if there is one)
This means that your ‘team’ is going to be weak by this many players doing nothing or not caring.

Worst still, is going into big team battle and people only caring about “kills with wasp” or “kills with banshee” - not even trying with game mode, just needing the vehicle kills or specific challenge completion. Once again this means “players not playing to win” but “players playing to complete unknown challenge list that directly negatively effects gameplay for all others”

The solution is NOT to make “win this mode” either - as that is RANKED type of rewards. No, instead, it should be based on things like medals, getting a double kill with a single grenade, running over 3 people in a ghost in 1 boost, that sort of thing. You “play” you “do the map properly” - you get points, you rank up. Take an objective can be worth like 10, since their are so many of them, capping a flag (personally) can be like 100, where as assisting can be like 25, you get the point. These points should be our EXP, or a fraction of the points to XP rather. If I do amazing, I should have high points -and thus I should have gotten good exp, instead I am just given the base 50= plus if i managed to complete any other challenge i had going. (up to what, 1000- if your super lucky and paid for pass and all that to get more slots for challengs = and they were all possible in that map, or finished in that map mode - worth 250xp each?)

Just seems like excessive grind, set to get people upset and ‘buy the pass’ - and is just dirty greed. Keep in mind, I had PLANNED to buy the pass, but seeing how insanely grindy it is… I am now opting out on it. I see no reason to. I am handicapped for ‘enjoying the game’ and have to literally play by only ‘challenges matter’ - so screw your team, screw the match type, unless it’s “win a capture the flag” screw winning, just get those ghost kills and wasp missile kills and all that. Who cares if your team is desperately trying to win - YOU don’t have the “win this match” challenge (and you can’t even CHECK them in game, this is a huge flaw) so why bother winning, eh?

Also - side rant - Flags should not be able to enter Wasps. (they currently can) so good luck sniping the flag down, especially if you don’t have snipers covered.

The XP boosters start - on timers - right when you use them. Heaven forbid you take 10 minutes to get into a match (from loading screens to cutscene intros/outros, etc) Instead - they should probably be just a flat double xp for a set amount of xp. EG: Gain 5,000 more xp, when you earn XP. So when you would normally earn just 100, you earn 200, but 100 is taken off the 5,000 pool, until it is empty, and only 1 xp booster on at a time to make life simple.

They also have no real effect if you don’t complete challenges, because 50xp a match, is nothing to boost, while 250 for a weekly challenge is a ton. So… better min/max those challenges to get them all 1 objective away, use a booster, and hope you get a map that you can complete them all in.