I fear for the future of multiplayer after just 1 day

I’ll try and be as succinct as possible so this post wont turn into a rant.

  • EXP should be also earned per match. This overwhelming message from waypoint, reddit, twitch and youtube can’t be any clearer. The current way to earn exp is glacial and not at all rewarding to the player. XP should be earned just by playing games and playing skillfully. Give 200xp per win and 100xp per loss. Simple. The feedback from the last flight was clear and yet ignored. This game will survive on it’s battlepass system and how rewarded the individual player feels and right now it’s a snails pace to progress.

  • EXP boost is currently flawed. When using a 30min boost it immediately begins ticking away, this is a very flawed system as it also ticks away while waiting for others to load the game. Players shouldn’t be punished for external factors when it comes to a boost. The boost could be changed to a simple “double exp for the next 20 completed goals” or something along those lines. Give the boost to a set number of completed goals, not time based.

  • Different game types should be able to be queued I really hope in the future 343 implement a menu option to select what game type you want to play for example only queue for Arena Slayer or Arena CTF.

  • Respawns need to be tweaked. The timer needs to be reduced, 10 seconds is a long time. please lower it to 8 seconds at the most. Also PLEASE enable first person view while the timer is ticking away, the third person camera on spawn is dreadful. (unless this is in the menu somewhere i’ve not found)

  • Earn credits by playing We should be able to earn store credits by playing not just by spending money. Nothing too huge or fast because 343 still have to pay the bills but even something like 10 credits per game won, that would net you the season pass in 220 wins. A grind to be sure but a reward earned none the less.

Overall this game is extremely tight and my gripes above are the only thing really holding this game back. It has the potential to reign over other multiplayer shooters but right now the progression system is so flawed i feel that even as a free to play multiplayer it won’t survive the current climate of gaming. The last thing we all want is the MP to go the way of Star Wars Battlefront. Please listen to the very large majority of players 343.

Please change the exp system so we can at least get per game exp. 200 for a win 100 for a loss. Maybe after this easy change they could also look at bonus exp for kill streaks but baby steps!


Agree with all your points. Well-made post!


I don’t understand why’d they push challenges such as “capture a flag” without the option to queue specifically for CTF, this progression system is fundamentally flawed and detrimental for long-time retention.


I’ll add to each of your four points.

I’m already completely disinterested in progression in Infinite the way am in MCC after grinding that game FOR 6 MONTHS. Due to the lack of any meaningful rewards or challenges left to chase in MCC and how impossibly out of reach the H:I BP rewards are with how slow progression is.

I won’t even risk spending money on the BP due to this. Why must I spend money to be allowed to use the rewards I unlock just for tolerating the grind? Yet the pay-to-beat-the-grind is broken? 343 is literally committing robbery by not stealing time from your boost that you paid for.

I enjoy Halo games for the overall experience but I also prefer to play in a large party. It’s hard to keep everyone on board when we keep getting game types they dislike.

Time to respawn is too long and the respawn locations are very similarlly cursed in the way Halo 3’s are.


I do hope that this post gets more attention because everything you have stated is literally integral to the longevity of this game as a product, and if 343 doesn’t capitalize on that then they are doing themselves a disservice, and will lose profit in the long-term.

This game is in it’s earliest stages, and there is a lot of room to improve and expand upon the foundation that has been forged. Perhaps 343 already understands how hard the game is lacking in a serious progression system and has plans to bolster it with content and features, in addition to new game modes. (forge, firefight, custom games, various playlists, etc). One would think this goes without saying, considering this is still beta.

Regardless, it’s undeniably apparent this progression system is not sustainable at all whatsoever. Locking progression behind a pay-wall is NOT going to drive the player-base to play the game for extended amounts of time. It’s understandable to have some sort of monetization cosmetically considering this is a free product. On the contrary, offering absolutely no progression to anyone who has not paid said fee does not stimulate a modern player-base.
Adding cosmetics to the base game for players to earn for free can be utilized to encourage players to buy skins, add-ons, etc for said cosmetics. A taste of the rewards evokes a desire for more.

That being said, a Service Record of sorts would benefit this game immensely. A page that displays K/D, Medals, Matches Won/Lost, etc in the same manner MCC has. A means of tracking ones improvement outside of a competitive setting is also rewarding.

Anything else I have to say would be reiterating what Arasaka88 has already said.
I love where this game is going, and I love what has been done with it. I genuinely want to see it flourish with more content, and a more robust progression system especially.
343 has done an awesome job with this game thus far.

Happy 20yrs of Halo!!! And Happy Beta!~ :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Most what you dislike has already been addressed by 343i, they already said that they will be adding xp per match in the next season or one after. XP boosters I believe will be fixed as well and will only countdown while in match. What people should be upset about is the small amount of maps and very few game modes. Once again Halo did not launch with infection or forge. Or that armor coatings only work on certain armor cores and not all, so you could have a nice armor coating for Mark VII but if you try to use it on a Reach armor core you can’t.


This is something I would also love to see! Thanks for the kind words too mate.

I don’t want to come off like I dislike the experience because it’s anything but that. 343 have done a truly amazing job with this multiplayer and also bringing Halo back to the forefront of the gaming world so the last we all want to see is it fall to bad reviews and feedback that falls on deaf ears. I completely understand 343 want to make money off a free to play multiplayer but how this progression is right now, is not the way to do it.


There is no reason why this can’t be implemented sooner though. The life of this game will come from it’s beginnings and to have very highly requested things come 4 or 7 months from now?? The player base will shrink down to nothing by that time.

This i can also agree with, I feel like this would be somewhat alleviated by allowing us to pick which game mode we queue for. The maps and modes may be lacking but right now we’re forced to play modes we don’t enjoy and it subconsciously effects our experience overall.


I am very disappointed in the xp system I was expecting at least a leveling system like in reach, it’s so strange completing a match to not earn any xp for the match but only for it to come from challenges and for it to only go towards a battle pass level not a player level as well


Yeh things need to change. Hate the slow leveling system for BP and I hate the stupid premium battle pass blocking content. I’m deeply concerned this launch may hurt Halo Infinite in the long term due to greed.


yea the exp system at the moment is very bad and i think in terms of the game types they could do it like mcc where you pick the game modes you search for

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As much as we can complain about it we don’t know what is going on at 343i, I do know that there were articles written on a troubling development for the game so the fact that it came out in such a polished state is amazing, I mean look at CoD or Battlefield they have had such a troubled launched and Halo Infinite hasn’t. 343i is aware of what the community wants and they are working on.

As for the game modes information I was wrong so that is my bad, the rest of the maps and modes will launch on the 8th of December as we are playing a Beta but we keep our progress.


Oh nice, i didn’t know this! As for us not knowing whats going on at 343 and such, i can also sympathise but the feedback about the progression has been very loud for a long while now and they say we’ll have to wait for a season or 2 for it to get fixed? For that I go back to original statement: I fear for the future of the multiplayer.

Please don’t get me wrong, im having a blast and loving the MP but it does need to change asap to keep the game healthy and the player base engaged.

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After the two flights I was positively surprised with the game. But after 20 games yesterday I’m deeply underwhelmed. I usually don’t care for XP, but having it challenged based is probably the most toxic thing one can do to a game. People don’t play the game to win, they play to earn XP.
It wasn’t a big problem in ranked but in BTB and social it is…

I’m wondering if this is an old build and if we get a proper build on dec 8th because THIS is nothing more than a beta.

  • The gametype rotation is a joke. I played 2 or 3 slayer matches so far… with no option to ONLY play slayer.

  • 4 Maps in ranked? Really?

  • No input based filter except solo/duo ranked. M/K player just smoke controller Players

  • The scoreboard is, as well as most of the UI/UX complete garbage. You had a working thing in H5… WHY on earth did you change it?

After 6 years, the state of the game is just dissapointing. Things like an indicator who is talking ingame missing is downright embarrising.

There are quiete a lot more things which changed for the worse (medal design, missing red vs blue…) but these are the most obvious for me. Looks like season one is the real beta test… maybe we get a proper version next year.


As person who is studying game development but still very new to it, I think the reason why it is taking so long is that they have to get it right or close to it. This game is going to be out for the next 10 years so they have a lot of planning to do and figure out how much xp it will take to get to the end, I’m sure it will pass the 50 million xp of halo 5 or the 1 billion xp of mcc. Also, they have to sync that info with waypoint, profiles, xbox live databases and making sure it works correctly too. I’m looking forward to the future of this game, I’m 343i knows this is their last chance with the halo fans and they have to get this right. What sounds easy to put into the game is not always the case plus the amount of programming that has to go into this game is insane.


I hate to say it, but Infinite needs another delay. This system that is currently in the game will kill it before the new one rolls out.


Please read this, it will put your concerns at bay, at least most of them.


It’s a beta, it’s not the whole package.

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Oh i 100% get they have to really work all that stuff out and take the 10 year lifetime into account but I strongly believe the launch of that lifetime should be of utmost priority. 10 years wont mean anything if no-one is playing after 6 months, I think even something as simple as 100 xp per win, 50 per loss would go light years in the right direction and please a lot of people.


I’m sure we will see it in the next season, also the game is free and a known/beloved title, people will always be playing the game.

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