I fall under the Territorial Exemption

Hello, My name is Chris and my gamer tag is Slain Guardian, anyway I was hoping someone could put me in contact with someone from 343 as they do not have a direct e-mail. During the release of Halo 4 I was over seas for the fall semester and due to that I was unable to get my hands on the game until I got back to a country that sold halo 4, in this case the US. I am to understand that the qualifications for the specialization code allows for it to be given to people who couldn’t get the game for “Territorial reasons” as stated in an interview from Polygon.com (I think that was it)with a 343 employee. I am a long time player and I have a passion for this game and it would mean a lot if I could be put in contact via a mod or admin to a 343 worker or help center that could aid me with this. Thank you, if I get a reply I can leave contact information or I can be communicated through the Gamer Tag that I left. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.