I expected something with a lot more detail & life

I’ve been a Huge Halo Fan since the very beginning when I bought the OG Xbox along with Halo: Combat Evolved on Day One and I’ve had every single sequel on Day One of their release since then as well !!

With that said…After watching the Halo Infinite Reveal I was left shocked and unimpressed but overall just out-right disappointed because what we watched wasn’t even as good as the last Halo game, and Infinite has been in development for many years now, I thought 343i were better than this, I thought Bungie had left their Masterpiece in very good and capable hands !!

I’m guessing by now that most people have seen the trailer for another upcoming FPS called ‘Bright Memory: Infinite’ which was initially being developed by just a single person but I understand that he has a few more people with him now…Anyway, how that game looks in that trailer is how I thought a Next Gen game will and should look like, the particle effects, wind, rain and lighting, basically the whole enviroment is alive and looks awesome…THIS is how I thought Halo Infinite would and should look by now, but what we got to see shows us nothing like this, Everything looked far too ‘cartoony’ with no detail, there’s no life and the enviroment is non-existant, I mean is there no wind or dust etc. etc. on the Halo Ring, I could go on but I think everyone knows what I’m saying !?

I had (and still do have) such high hopes for this Next Gen version of Halo, knowing how powerful the Series X is, this game should blow us away, I really hope they can pull a magic trick and turn this game around for us !!

Just watch the Bright Memory trailer again and you’ll see what I mean, if a single guy can do that then the 343i TEAM should be able to at least match it !!

Thanks for reading, I hope the 343i Devs read this as well though and make some drastic changes to up their game, c’mon guys The Chief deserves better…Much Better !!

I have my fingers crossed…Looking forward to release day !!