I enjoy Infinite, but I think I'm done, for now

I reached lvl 100, it was a struggle, but not for all the reasons you might think. Although there are several reasons I think need to be addressed. Some of these issues many not be “big issues” to everyone, but to myself and others, they are.

1, No colour blind options, the game is literally physically painful to play, depending on the type of colour blindness someone has will determine on how it effects them. For me, I cannot see the red splash screen when im being attacked, so not only is it hard to tell when im being shot but the splash screen blends in with other colours, and depending on the map, if there is grass or any green / blue type colours the red / green / blue mix quite literally hurts my eyes by straining them. People have been asking for a “fix” on this, but staff have not even mentioned anything about it (as far as I am aware).

2, The Tenrai event is “ok” to an extent, but I don’t really want to be sat there for ages going through other challenges in modes that I’m not interested in to try and “fish out” the event challenges.

3, The Sidekick is insanely OP (imo). Honestly, I’m tired of being lasered with it, and not just up close either, im talking ill be on behemoth and im being wrecked from the other side of the map… Dunno if its some sort of aim assist or what not… but they never, ever seem to miss a shot. I only mention aim assist because this only ever seems to happen in QP style lobbies, never in Ranked. I only play M/K games there.

There are several other issues I have with the game, but I’m not here rattle of a huge list…
Out of the 3 things 1 & 3 are my main “gripes”. I’m only posting this to see if anyone else feels the same about these particular issues.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day!


I think everyone, color blind or not, has had trouble knowing when they are being shot. I’m not sure why (maybe it blends in for everyone?), but it just feels that way sometimes.


If you mean the red arrow indicators when you are getting shot, I mostly have no problem with them. But if we’re talking the overall feel of taking damage, I can barely feel it. I often only notice I’m getting shot when I’m already half shields.

I guess it must be a dilemma to balance awareness of getting shot vs how annoying it is to get shot i.e. Warzone.


Like the other two that replied, I can barely tell when I’m taking damage too. It just isn’t as clear as it was in previous games.

I must admit Iam drifting away a little bit. Got AC Valhalla, got another Stellaris run. If it weren’t for Tenrai I’d probably be struggling. Plus my mates are making Chivalry 2 their go to game.

Iam really not feeling a Legendary Campaign and Iam a little bit annoyed now I’ve had time to process how that went. Not sure my mates will be good for co op either when it drops.

I think that’s what you would call them, all I know is they show up on screen when you get shot, but, for me, I really don’t see them all that often (cos of my colour blindness). Usually when getting shot, depending on what map and where on the map, I either see nothing at all, or, the best way I an describe it is, imagine watching a 3D movie without the glasses and everything is blurry with really bright contrasting lights. Plus the addition of it causing a sharp pain in your eyes. It’s honestly a nightmare.

But yes, I will agree with you, outside of that, there really is no other indication of being shot until half shield, because then you get that sound alert (If I remember correctly)

This reminds me, I still need to complete AC Valhalla… I love that game so much lol. If you don’t mind me asking, what is Chivalry 2?

It’s a bit like Mount and Blade combat wise where you’re a medieval soldier and can block, pick up weapons etc. But you have these multiplayer battles where there’s a few dozen players a side fighting in multi stage sieges or open fields. You can also do free for all battles and you also had the option to do a bar fight on one of the maps as you can pick up a lot of ambient objects like chairs, knives, food and such. Pretty bonkers like, just turns into a wave of violence.

Oh damn, sounds kinda interesting, I’ll have to look that one up! Thanks for taking the time to explain!

Sidekick needs a buff and a nerf. Reduce the bloom, and slow it’s ROF just a tad. If you are being beamed across the map… with a sidekick… they are either cheating or have a really good gaming chair.

But welcome to Halo Precision > Autos. And currently… autos are too strong. Can’t change my mind.

If you all like Chivalry, I recommend SoulCalibur. Unless you’re not into fighting games.

Damn, do I need to upgrade my Noblechairs black and gold edition? :rofl: