I dropped 2 ranks and a whole rank division in FFA

To whomever this may concern,

I am pissed off. Last time I played Halo 5, I was gunning for platinum 2, and now, today the 20th of May, I dropped to gold 5 from Platinum 1. That is -Yoink-, and I demand my rank be reinstated.

Thank you,
Gamertag: TaratsuRaiza

Unfortunately, this is not a real support issue. This is also not something 343i would do.

Looking at your game history, of the 5 FFA games you played today, you won 1, lost 1, and left 3. Going off of that, it’s entirely understandable how you went from Platinum 1 to Gold 5.

If you are wondering how you managed to drop an entire rank tier (Platinum to Gold), that is because some time ago the ranking system was revamped so that you are no longer guaranteed to stay in the highest tier you reach in a season. It’s is now possible to lose enough rank to get bumped back a tier; theoretically, you could go from Champion all the way back to Bronze if you lost enough games. As it has always been, rank in Halo 5 is all about games won. The difference that’s been going on for several months is that now, you are not necessarily “safe” in your tier.


Thank you for your response. I understand that I was a little brash in my op, and I did not know that you can drop a whole tier now. Is there an information page which I can view, for ranked ffa rules and regulations?

Please, and thank you.
Gamertag: TaratsuRaiza

Completely agree… they ruined FFA with last update and not addressing…

Going to close this off as, noted above, this isn’t a support issue. If you want to discuss this further the beat place is probably Josh’s matchmaking threads that are pinned in the matchmaking forums. I don’t believe there is a dedicated page for rules / regs of any game mode, but you could ask Josh about that. He has addressed FFA in those topics ( worth seeing the pinned archives thread as well)