I Don't Want Ranked, They Don't Want Me In Ranked

Just a topic in response to getting a Ranked-focused Challenge (that being the Cumulative Ranked Scoring).

Look, I don’t want to play Ranked. If I’m forced to play Ranked, I’m not getting my mic, don’t expect me to drop a single sweatdrop, and fully expect me to get kills with a weapon or a melee that I have in another Challenge for it.

If I was just a meager Bronze player no one would care and this wouldn’t be a problem. But my Placement Matches and my toe-dipping into Ranked has put me fluctuating between Diamond 5-6, meaning that anyone sweating for Onyx has to deal with me on their team.

Any other playlist, fine, that can be put in a Challenge. But Ranked has consequences that the rest of the Social Games like Tactical and Fiesta do not. This is the only playlist that I do not want to see in Challenges because of how detrimental it is to not only my play experience but for others as well. If people are playing Ranked, they want that Rank. People who don’t want to play Ranked but are forced to, they’re going to drag the experience down for those who want to rank up.

Hoping that this is a change that 343 will consider as viable to enact with this reasoning.


Chin up fella, I don’t mind if you’re on my team in ranked. You do you.

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While I appreciate your consideration, I know there’s plenty of people who don’t feel the same and have made it known with their mics in my games.

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Because it’s skill based matchmaking, even the worst of players who enter the ranked gauntlet for challenges aren’t technically putting their team at a disadvantage.