I don't wanna play anymore

Reached my level 130 last week. I am not even a fan of the progression ranked system! But I tried playing yesterday and quit after one game, because it felt boring to me. I will only play again once the big “Title Update”. If the title update does not change a lot of things, do not expect to see me on Halo anymore.

I know a lot of people are going to comment and say ok don’t play then. But that is not going to help the point, I WANT TO KEEP ON PLAYING HALO

Nobody can force you to play.

Gosh, someday I wish people will stop being whiny -Yoinks!- about how bored they are over a game, and actually provide constructive criticism or incite discussion.

I understand your decision at least your waiting for the TU. Also if its boring i would try some of the competative gametypes like CTF or doubles pro there a lot of fun with friends and by friends i mean friends who are good at the game.

I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way about Halo 4, since you are one among many (myself not included, I love the game!). Perhaps focusing on getting commendations could renew some interest in the game? And I find myself often playing Oddball, it’s a great gametype!

I understand your problem though. There are many days where even I quit games or even stop playing altogether due to some alarming balance issues (DMR, I’m looking at you). I too am hoping that the TU will help bring balance to the game, allowing people to enjoy this game that has the potential to be amazing.

If a game (Halo 4 or otherwise) is boring you, or causing you sorrow in any way whatsoever. Then don’t play it.

There is a lot more to life than video games.

I think one of the biggest reasons people are negative towards Halo 4 is because their friends no longer play it as often as others would like.

Personally, I’ll play it again after SP Ops ep 9 tomorrow and at any and all times I, or a member of my family feels like playing. But between then and now, we have other things that capture our interest making our playtime limited at best.

Point is…

Find other things to occupy your time, and when you do play Halo 4 you’ll enjoy it more.

I would suggest just playing once a week if you’re unhappy with Halo 4. I find that taking the rest of the week off and solely playing on Monday for Spartan Ops that Halo 4 is once again pretty enjoyable. Anything after that it becomes frustrating due to my own personal issues with the game.

So instead of playing to hurt the experiences of other players I just jump to other games. I found FORZA 4 to be actually a lot of fun and even though the graphics of Alien CM looks wonky I’m giving it a try next week. Why because you can play as the Alien and the Hudson one liners are gonna be golden come week 1.

Go play something else.

You dont HAVE to play just cuz its Halo.