I don't understand why people want 343 to move onto the next game already

343 has historically never learned from past mistakes
343 has ALWAYS struggled with delivering standard features at launch
This is the best foundation 343 has had for a game so far

So maybe just maybe them sticking with Infinite despite the mess it is in rn is a better choice than them wasting another 6 years on a new game with all the same problems. With future campaigns most likely being made for Infinite and this new big mode by certain affinity coming I do have a teensy bit of faith things can turn around still.


I don’t get it either.

I get wanting content, but how are we going to get it if we’re constantly in a state of redoing -Yoink!-?

“Game isn’t doing well? Guess we’ll scrap it and start a new one.”

“Huh? What’s that? Fix the mistakes instead? Nah lets spend another 500 million creating another game that could flop.”


My worry is that the code is so convoluted by now that it’s at a point of cut your losses or dig deep and clean it up. The tiger variant of blam! was in development for 5 years and was intended to clean the garbage out of the code. Since halo 4 we’ve had 3 iterations of the blam engine but this time massively overhauled by devs who are no longer with the studio. The sheer mention that implementing playlists early on was hard to do because of ui issues is enough to concern me of the state of the engine not to mention the persistent complaints about desync. Don’t get me wrong I want to see the game live up to what it should be but it’s got a long long way to go. If it has split screen all around I would be on every single day for hours with my kid and that’s not a lie. Aggravates me to no end.

I think it’s just the very unhinged and agitated part of the community who just wants 343 and 343’s works gone. Especially since the Slipspace engine has so many issues with it, it may be easier to make a new game on something like UE5 rather than smash your head against Slipspace.

But now that we have seen a change in leadership, I’m willing to root for them to make changes which will positively affect Halo going forward. They could iron out Slipspace or something. I think they should also lay down the groundwork for a new engine based on Blam. Remember before Destiny released, Bungie did exactly that to solve the tech debt Blam was incurring.

Now what can 343 do for Infinite aside from simply scrapping Infinite and making a new game? Well as we have seen for FF14 and PSO2 NGS, they actually decided to keep a service running while building a new engine/system on the side, then relaunched the game.

FF14 1.0’s infamous shutdown and rebirth is a more drastic case but PSO2 before it became NGS was using a dated graphics engine which was later updated just as NGS launched.


Untrue. Halo 4 launched with ALL base content day 1, Forge and Flood mode included. Halo 4 was their ONLY content complete title day 1 release.

Also incorrect, that would be MCC.


The sound design is too raunchy.
Zeta halo looks like a place to take the wife and kids.

Lots of leadership complacency.


There is NO ACCEPTABLE possibility of 343i making another successful Halo game until Halo Infinite is content rich, and fixed for at least several years! Watch them do it anyways, and I hope to god I’m wrong.

Yeah, I don’t really want them to move to the next game in fear that it might be E10+ rated.

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It’s never going to happen. People are very eager to forget 343 was not only created by Microsoft but ARE Microsoft, specifically the part of Microsoft that makes Halo games and products, here’s the reality we live in, the bitterest pill if you will: 343 will be making more Halo game, the community will continue to buy them and whine about it until the heat death of the universe, and odds are after the current road map is complete 343 will drop Infinite support simply because they’ll never get it into a truly proper state.

Don’t you even joke like that.

It’s people just trolling and trying to stir up trouble. I’ve avoided replying to most of those threads and just ignore them.

As you stated, far better they continue to work on infinite and improve it rather than scrapping it and starting over.

Edit: maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Perhaps they aren’t trolling and genuinely believe what they’re saying. I just disagree.


Not really. It’s not so much as Infinite that’s the problem as it is the engine it’s on. If 343 were to scrap Infinite, as they should, the game is, pretty close to dead for a new Halo title, they should use an engine people know how to work with . 10 month seasons become 2-3 month seasons, no more UI restriction issues regarding playlists, customization can be taken to new heights, but none of that can be done on Infinites engine because nobody knows how to work with it.

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I don’t think the devs are incompetent, I think it’s all on management. The devs do as they are told, the management makes all the decisions. Had they just done a fully paid game, no open world, and used the old BLAM engine, than honestly I think Infinite would’ve turned out to be one of the best Halo games. The problem was they announced the game WAY too early, didn’t delay it enough, and used a poor business model, rotating contractos, to make an entirely new engine which nobody knew how to use, that’s not on the devs.

EDIT: To clarify I DO NOT think Bonnie Ross stepped down quietly, I genuinely believe she was fired due to the immense backlash from the road map reveal.


Management didn’t program slipspace, but they did set a time table for it, and impossible time table.

I’m of the mindset that you don’t announce a game until you have it 100% finished and internally tested, that way you can avoid train wrecks like Infinite where the game is so overhyped it becomes an actual problem for the games entire lifespan.

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What if any games are annoucned when they are 100% complete
From a marketing standpoint it makes no sense to only announce your title when its in a complete gold for certification state

Your sentiment however of completing a game, and making sure its complete and relatively bug free and delaying the game if it isin’t however, is heard lound and clear and compeltely agreed upon.
I called for a second year delay after the first delay

I want them to make a new game because infinite is clearly designed around selling MTs and milking it’s players dry.
To “fix” this game it has to be reworked completely, at which point I think it would be just easier (and better overall) to start again from scratch. The underlining issues with this game are just too severe.
But to be fair: I still think, that Microsoft have a lot of orders to implement as many MTs as possible and I don’t think this would change with a new game, so I think halo is, at this point in time, destined to fail anyway

People are dumb, that’s why. If they stop working on this game, this franchise will be shelved indefinitely, that’s what will happen.

No more Halo.


At this point, given its severe mismanagment for the last ten years…maybe thats for the best?

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id prefer a new halo game if all the devs will stick with it the whole six years! didn’t the head guy of the new engine leave? you can’t tell me they’re gonna get this game in order without the head guy!!!

I mean, I would only want 343 to make a video game, when they can make a COMPLETE product. Something that they seem to struggle with. Before they can move on to a new Halo title, they still need to add the following features to Halo Infinite.

  1. Split-Screen Co-Op for both Xbox and PC (yes I know they cancelled but I still think we need to flood the forums until they “uncancel” it)
  2. Online Co-Op for both Xbox and PC
  3. Forge
  4. Custom Games Browser
  5. PvE mode outside of Campaign
  6. Working Theater mode
  7. Working Custom Games
  8. Match composer similar to MCC
  9. Progression System
  10. Mission Replay
  11. Campaign Time/Scoring

Pretty much, everything in MCC that isn’t in Infinite, they need to add. Until then, 343 hasn’t sold a game, they sold part of a game. Which is disgusting. And if, and only if, they do all that, then they can move on to whatever game is next on their list. And it won’t be a game unless it is released as a complete and fully functioning product with all the bells and whistles.