I dont understand why it's so hard to implement separate playlists

I know this is a repeat topic… but if a Fiesta playlist and weekly events can be added and removed from the game on the fly, why is it so hard to separate slayer from oddball?

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Matchmaking is suspected to be rigged against what your current challenges are, at least according to everyone in the forums, that say when they have a CTF match for example, they will suddenly stop finding CTF matches, as some conspiracy theory that 343 is intentionally trying to make players waste XP boosters and skips, to want to buy more.

That’s the story anyway. The reality might just be that the game is too underpopulated and the servers are too garbage with high ping in some countries, that splitting playlists will only further downgrade the servers and wait times. I’d prefer to not join 250 ms ping lobbies just to play a specific mode with people across the globe, but maybe when the servers are improved, they will consider it.


It isn’t. That’s it. It isn’t.


Let’s say they have good reasons to believe finding a low ping game and finding it quickly actually would be an issue. That sounds like a failed Halo release imo. Even Halo 4 with all the flak it got was super easy to find matches with good connection in my experience and it had plenty of playlist options.

So are they just saying they have failed before the game has even released completely? Big doubt.

Of course not. They would never publicly admit any mistakes, unless they’re intentional mistakes that companies like to make on purpose, so they can “fix” them, to show that they’re “listening” to fans, to improve their status, while distracting attention from the bigger problems


Well that sure would be a step in the right direction and all my faith would be restored immediately!


I think with gamedev a lot of stuff may seem easy but might be more complicated than you think. With adding more playlists they could trigger bugs that could make the game unstable. So to add a playlist they probably have a test build where they try it out and heavily test it and other features to make sure it doesn’t break anything. As with how the events can do it, these events have already been tested.

It’s really not. SWAT is just the Slayer with no shields yet for some reason they need 1-3 weeks to get it ready. :man_shrugging:t2:

Slayer is literally the slayer in quick play, yet somehow that needs even more time. Haha. It’s amazing.


My take on this is two-fold. What we have now is 100% intentional, but it’s because the team is either still working on getting the coding up to par or the gameplay up to par. 343i is also still doing a lot of bug fixes and possibly even balance changes. I wonder if it’s because some of the team that would be working on making this process go by faster is busy working on the campaign.

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To be honest, I don’t see how the game could be under populated. It’s a new release during the holiday season. The population won’t get any higher than this. This is as high as it’ll get.


It’s not that it’s underpopulated globally, but if I’m playing at 5AM in the US with people in Russia or Australia with 250+ms ping, then obviously my US server isn’t populated enough at that hour, and the servers are dragging me across the globe. At those hours of the night, it’s borderline impossible for me to find people in MCC and Halo 5, outside of Custom Games. A global million players across Game Pass and Steam will not be active 24/7 or even every day of the week. New York alone has 8 million people just to put that into perspective.

exactly, delaying stuff that should’ve been in the game from the get go is whats gonna drive the population down

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Because MCC you can filter,what games you want,what modes,regions etc,so obviously thats gonna affect your search,never had that kind of issue on H3 and Reach and btw h5 is trash