I dont understand the rank system

I lose 1 match and it takes the same CSR as 3 victories. That really demotivates me to keep playing.


Nobody does. The best part of the ranked system under the hood, is 343 then uses your ranked rank to determine who you play with in unranked games too, so no matter what once you go through placement in ranked you are always playing ranked games.

Fun huh!

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The rank that’s showing on the screen isn’t your actual rank so don’t stress over it. You’re probably way higher than what you are. I played with a diamond before that was in Gold 6 in the solo playlist. Just play for kills most of the time, unless you actually want to win. It’s a broken system and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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Your CSR tends to oscillate around your MMR.

What has probably happened is that you have won a handful of games vs opponents that are ranked the same or below you. In this scenario your CSR goes up a few points but your MMR doesn’t.

Your MMR only goes up if you beat a team ranked above you.

So when you lose that game your CSR is pulled back down by your MMR.

The trick is to ignore the fluctuations each. There is no precision in a few CSR points. Your rank will evolve over days to weeks - not from game to game.

I agree though that 343 would have been better off using a smaller scale for the CSR. That would take a lot of the frustration out of it.

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You just need to put a little bit of effort in…

Correct. This is one of the best parts.

It’s a looser application of your rank - matching teams more than players.

Games where both teams have a chance to win are far better than random set ups for good players to dominate every game.

And it’s not your “ranked” rank. You have an offset MMR for each game mode. They may behave similarly at the start when an MMR is “borrowed” as a starting point and the global MMR values have influence - but after a little while it acts pretty much on it’s own.


We don’t know that. If the player has close to 50 games under their belt their MMR curve will be narrow enough that they are essentially the same value.

TrueSkill2 is an excellent ranking system.

I agree that match making has some issues - which are currently exacerbated by low populations.

And the CSR needs some work; I would lower the scale and close it off with a maximum value to stop this pointless (and toxic) grinding.

Unlike you I’m helping people that actually want to rank up. Also, if the system was excellent then it would still have millions of players. What are we doing to now?

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Apologies. I’m always trying to help. And I would have thought that understanding the system was the best launching place to rank up.

And just telling someone to play for kills may selling them a bit short.

You should at least emphasise the win - and then push KPM over all the other kill metrics. And don’t forget to throw in the DPM weighting as well.


It’s probably because you’re underperforming in the matches you win.
You Cannot rank DOWN on a WIN
You Cannot rank UP on a LOSS

KD is also taken into account - check your profile out and see how you are performing in relation to your predicted scores. It should help make more sense to your problems

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You can see my stats and will see the truth upon you… :grimacing:

The one match that took 1/3 of my CSR was a 3 Diamond (a 2, a 5 (me), and a 3) with an Onyx (our team) vs 3 Onyx and 1 platinum 6 (enemy team). I think the system is kinda untransparent so it´s hard to believe that it´s not broken :frowning:

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No one is accusing you…

It didn’t really matter who you played.

Your CSR went up on the back of three victories. But your MMR didn’t. If you want your MMR to go up you need to beat sides ranked above you (and get a solid KPM).

So now your CSR has drifted above your MMR.

But it doesn’t like that. Your CSR is essentially chasing your MMR.

When you lost that game, and it didn’t matter who it was against, your CSR took the opportunity to move back towards your MMR.

Everyone’s CSR essentially behaves the same. Small steps up and and then a bit of jump back. It kind of oscillates around your MMR.

The key is to not focus on the exact number. And definitely don’t get hung up on any game to game change.

The system isn’t broken.

The CSR system is frustrating and poorly communicated, for sure.

And we’ve created this toxic environment were we put way too much importance on a handful of CSR points. The system just isn’t precise enough at that scale to matter. There really isn’t much difference between, say, 1200 and 1215 - but we lose our mind if we go from 1215 to 1214.

I really wish they would change the scale and/or add a maximum value.

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Probably important to keep in mind that it’s KPM and DPM as opposed to KD.

How high was the onyx on your team and the onyx on the other team? Its possible the match maker had your team as the favored to win because they had a plat player. Usually you lose a fat chunk of csr when you’re rated to win a match but lose. Especially if you’ve had a few wins in a row against teams you were pretty much at an advantage to win (through your team comp vs theirs)

They all go hand in hand. The less you die, the more active in a match you are to raise your KPM because you aren’t stuck in respawn for a long time when added all up. More time alive slaying, and dealing damage.

Just not in both directions.

20/10 and 10/5 both have the same KD - but the first is 2x the KPM.

5/1 is a much higher KD but even lower KPM.

You can manipulate and protect your KD (which people do) - but it is very hard to do the same to your KPM.

It’s a much purer representation of 1v1 skill.

Don’t worry, 343 doesn’t understand it either.

Im just saying the less you die the more you’re able to do damage and get kills. Its just a general rule of thumb. When someone has a good game, usually their kd is positive and all the other stats check out. I get what you’re saying, but to the player on the fly…looking at the carnage report, they look at their damage and kill/,deaths to gage how well they did. Unless they still dealt a great amount of damage before dying each time, but it’s just usually not that often in most cases.

Might just be me, but when i play or whomever im playing with isnt doing too hot, first thing they say is “man I’m dying to much.” Cause usually thats when the player just can’t do much. Its usually the turning point for the player. I’m not advocating to play for stats, its more just me pointing out something super obvious.

That and despite what reports say, it just definitely looks like each rank up progress that seems substantial is affected by k/d and damage. Every session i notice it for myself or if I’m playing with friends. That’s with reflecting on all the other criteria as well, like team composition and average mmr between the 2, whom was under dog etc.

I’m aware of kpm of course, but to me its just like this no brainer that your kpm naturally will be better if you’re killing much more than you’re dying.

Or. Maybe ive spent all this time explaining nothing and I’m completely wrong. Lol

And I agree 100%.

But if you want to specifically maintain your rank - it’s KPM.


It’s almost impossible to win a game if you or your team-mates are spending most of their time waiting to respawn.

And this is where objective games are really just slayer games in disguise. The best times to push the objective is when you outnumber the opposition.

If you are talking about the CSR change post game… it’s not.

It wasn’t in Halo 5 (via Menke et al on the various waypoint threads).

And I’ve run a spreadsheet with over 500 data points. There was no significant correlation between KD or damage and the amount of CSR gained or lost.

I think your KD and damage output reflect form. And when you are in form (especially good KPMs) you are going to tending to rank up.

No. You are definitely on the right track.

I was just pointing out that a high KPM usually infers a reasonable KD.

But a high KD tells you nothing about the KPM.

And I need to look into it… but I’m assuming the projected kills and deaths that appear in our new Waypoint stats are probably calculated from your KPM / DPM against that level of opponent. I’m going to start collecting some data to see if I can find any trends.

They tried to explain it and it simultaneously doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work the way they described.

It seems to be entirely random and unpredictable how much you gain and lose. It’s probably an absurdly complex algorithm we couldn’t possibly figure out how to read