I don't suppose 343 would do one last Recon wave for Halo 3 as we close up?

Yes yes, I know, it’s not gonna happen, we have MCC and Infinite now, “servers are shutting down, worth more effort than its worth, etc. etc.”

I was just thinking that it’s been quite some time since the last wave was pushed out and it’d be a pretty cool gesture to give it out one last time, for whoever joined up late to chase achievements, revisit out of nostalgia, or even just for folks to mess around with in customs/offline, since those will still be around in a lessor capacity. Or hell, just make it unlock like some of the other Gamerscore-based armors. Toss it in to unlock the same time as the Hayabusa or EOD helmet, even; 343 already gave it out unilaterally twice before, what’s one more change to make it so that anyone can unlock it if they put in that legwork again?

Again, I realize that this is as small an “issue” as there could be, the game’s been around forever and folks had “plenty of time to get it” at various points. I’m just making a small suggestion/request to allow this bit of famous Halo history allow to live on past sunset, past Bungie, and past 343’s support. It doesn’t hurt anybody and would be a neat thing to do for those of us still playing the OG in the twilight years.

Anyway, that’s my piece; if it upsets you for some reason, I’m genuinely just making a suggestion and am not expecting something to come from it. 343, if you read this though, think it over?


Recon for me on OG Halo 3 automatically unlocked for me a few years ago. I didn’t even complete the Achievements or anything.

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This would be good. It sucks that the functionality was lost before in the first place.

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thats strange, i heard they just gave it out in the end. thats how i got mine

Yes, please. Plus one to this idea.

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They sent it out in 2 waves after 343 took over. Any new accounts after that 2nd granting do not have it.

The systems to grant The Recon Armor Set we’re retired in 2013. The services are no longer available to unlock or grant The Recon Armor Set in Halo 3.