I don't like being pulled out of ADS (scope) while being hit

It is absolutely terrible. It may be a legacy Halo thing, but it doesn’t mean it works. Let me take the responsibility of dying if I scoped in long enough, but please don’t throw me off just I got hit by it.


It balances precision weapons, though. Yeah, it sucks, but if someone doesn’t have a weapon to challenge you it gives them a chance. It’s just how Halo works.


Been a staple in the franchise from the start so I highly doubt they’ll ever remove it. But alas, you can try.

It helps balance them out a little better I’m sure…

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Descope is a core element of Halo, it helps balance the sandbox.


Nobody particularly likes getting de-scoped, but it is an important tool that opens a window for outplay. They tried it on H4 and it became a “who shot first” game, not to mention how it turns sniper into a much easier to use power weapon.

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Not going away. They did this in Halo 4 and Snipers were completely uncontested.



So was aim assist and 25 m radar

Nah it works. Halo isn’t the game for you if you can’t deal with something like that. If you still insist on playing Halo, go play Halo 4.


ok i move on then. lmao

This is a very silly take. I get that you’re content with possibly taking an L while zoomed in, but why take that in the first place? Getting snapped out while aiming just means someone has you in their crosshairs and brings it to your attention so you can do something about it. :face_with_monocle:

I understand the need for balance, but I think the IDEA that they tried in halo 4 could’ve worked with more tuning. They wanted the camera to kick away from the target instead of descoping, but I don’t figure the kick was drastic enough considering the complaints that system got. I personally think they shouldve given it another shot but tweaked from player feedback.

It’s been a core of the sandbox forever. Without it precision weapons would be overpowered imo

Or we could keep the current system that works. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Generally speaking, you can still get decent accuracy with hipfire anyways (if they’re not cross map), so it’s not that big of a deal.

yeah no, when they removed it from halo 4 that was one of the biggest complaints people had (hence why they brought it back for 5 and now infinite)

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if you do what you suggest you’re leaving very little room for outplay, and for a competitive esports game… this will not change.

They took it out once. Terrible move.

Then don’t get hit, that’s the point of flinch mechanics.

If you strike first and your target has returns fire or if they have a lesser weapon can ad least demonstrate throttle control, they can break your zoom to give them time to either A) get to cover or B) close the distance to you in a counter.

Removing this function would create gameplay problems once people get into their little hidey holes.

Welcome to halo since 2001

Let halo be halo, its made enough consessions and changed its identiy to suit others over the years…
It’s given enough

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Just know you shots are just as accrurate when your descoped. Stay steady and keep shooting.