I don't know why but Halo Infinite feels odd

No I’m saying map awareness of everything at all times has nothing to do with it. You want a balance of being able to check your radar while also paying attention to what’s going on, you don’t want the radar being so bad you ignore it nor do you want it being so great or distracting you only pay attention to it. Also, unless you were in some straight up weird matches crouching all the time has never been a thing outside of sitting on a perch. And the map design wouldn’t be harmed by having more distance on it, if anything it’d benefit seeing as it happens fairly often people pass by each other where normally it would start a fight on the onset instead of letting people breeze by past a rock.

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Agreed, the biggest reasons it feels off for me are the sensitivity settings and aim assist implementation.

For whatever reason, they drastically shrank the controller sensitivity range: 10 feels like 6 on previous titles, and 1 feels like 3. This limits the turn speed to an absolutely glacial rate compared to past titles, which is frustrating for high sensitivity players.

Then, they’ve changed the way aim assist works in this title compared to past titles. Aim assist only takes effect if there is input to the aim stick and if you’re within range for a red reticle. Then, the assist helps track the motion of the target, whereby your reticle gets pulled around by them. In past titles, there was an implementation that gradually slowed your sensitivity down as you aimed closer to a target. Both the range and area around the target where this took effect was much larger than the effect is in Infinite.

The gradual sensitivity adjustment created a much smoother aiming experience. Whereas, infinite has a pretty abrubt aim assist system, which can lead to this feeling where you’re constantly fighting to get your reticle on target as aim assist drops in and out.


That really helps explain what I’m feeling when I play.