I don't know why but Halo Infinite feels odd

Well you’re definitely talking like you need promethean vision man. Well as I’ve said, if that stuff bothers you that much at least you still got mcc.

Recoil is very wrong in Halo and needs to be completely removed. Aim assist feels terrible.


Yeah I definitely need that, that’s why I’m talking about the radar of course.
Man I don’t care, I’m talking about something that’s was in Halo way before any promethean vision bull$hit.
You’re not even adding to the argument.
I’m far from the only one saying that the radar $ucks.

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The first part of this sounds like you need promethean vision bro. The last half…like Jesus …the game has to give you an enormous alert just for you to understand wth is going on? I don’t add to anything? There’s nothing to even discuss anymore. Your mind was made up before you even made a thread about this. I wasted my time even writing all that. You have absolutely 0 map awareness if you’re still not getting any of the points about the radar. It’s as if you need a big warning sign “HEY SWORD GUYS IN THERE! BE CAREFUL!”…your entire team can probably die in there…3 X’s on the screen with the left side of your screen showing the sword icon killed them and you probably still would walk in there and blame the radar.

This entire thread is basically “this isn’t halo”. Plenty of us our playing halo and enjoying it. Move on I guess bro. No one can change a mind that’s already been made. If you continue to play this game all you’re going to do is sound sour over any tiny detail to why “this isn’t halo” to you. Save yourself the trouble. Or if you consider making threads like this entertaining, well have at it.

Keep parroting irrelevant points.
Asking for a better radar is wanting wallhack? You serious?
I’m not the only one whose mind is made it seems.

Which relevance it has with the subject?

Why are you inventing hyperbolated scenarios to justify your stance?

And keep ignoring some of my points too.

It’s not really a critic, its a statement.
The games nice but it doesn’t negate what I said.

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This sentence right here sums up the entirety of why you can’t play the game and enjoy it. If you can’t understand the relevance this has to the discussion then you’re way beyond making any point to understand. Have fun in mcc dude. I’m done wasting my time.

You’re just saying I suck and I need wallhack. That’s what’s irrelevant.

Map awareness has nothing to do with the radar range, having map awareness won’t change the fact getting hammered by a near opponent who isn’t visible before it’s too late.

Yeah I’m done wasting mine too because you don’t respond to most of my points.

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I literally laid out everything for you to understand what map awareness is…how to use it to your advantage…understanding where you are, your team mates, how that changes spawns for both teams…keeping track of weapons…etc etc.

You’re just clearly missing everything. How in the world do you think people play ranked with NO radar dude? MAP AWARENESS…you realize there’s still power weapons in ranked right? The sword exists still…

Halo 5 feels less like Halo than Infinite. Weapons had insane tracking abilities and the aim assist was the strongest it’s ever been in a Halo game. Not only that but Halo 5 had very fast, twitch shooter-like gameplay that was a step away from the older games. Infinite honestly feels like a mix of 3, Reach, and 5.

Gameplay feels more like a traditional arena shooter, bloom is present for some weapons but isn’t as awful as Reach’s was, and slide, sprint, and clamber return from 5. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like Halo to you, because it’s a mix mash of Halo ideas.

I also hate to be that guy, but every Halo game has felt different from each other. CE feels considerably different from 2, 3 from 2, and so on. Movement and how weapons perform/feel has changed with each game.

Yeah maybe, I didn’t play it.

Yeah, true, I’ll just have to relearn the new basics of the game.

It isn’t even a bad thing itself, but there’s still changes that can be made to make it better.

There’s map awareness (for spawns and knowing where your team is) and then there’s being an omniscient god which is what you’re trying to say. People move around maps, you cannot physically know that the one guy who spawned across the map from you worked his way over with a gravity hammer if you didn’t see him. THAT is what he is talking about with the radar, situations where even if you understand what’s happening on the map it doesn’t matter because by the time the radar would tell you that someone has managed to slip in close it’s too late.


Yet there’s people playing ranked where the radar doesn’t exist and aren’t making threads over this…

Like what are you guys asking for dude? To NEVER die or what the heck? That player can’t move at all without you HAVING to know where he’s at at all times? He HAS to crouch across the ENTIRE map?

I personally don’t have a problem with the radar, but I’d like it increased to 20m. 18m just seems like a weird number, and it’s a little nitpick I have with the radar range. Maybe for BTB the radar could be increased to like 25m or so, but I personally find the current radar works well in arena.

Were you reading/thinking at all? The issue is with the radar, if you have a game mode without radar HOW is that a comparison to say that the radar works fine? “Well I can finish a game that has no radar, so all these issues with it must not matter.” Is that what you’re trying to say? Because as of currently, the radar is not good, and that has no bearing on ranked so it’s not relevant to this at all.

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Reread what I wrote. How strong do you need the radar dude? The point is that there’s people playing a game mode without radar not crying over dying to a power weapon…having a radar is fine…but it’s apparent when someone is way too dependent on it…every single point I’ve made to the dude went right past his head because he can’t grasp wth map awareness is…and then you come along and don’t realize that it sounds like you’re asking for a radar that’s essentially pinging everyone on the map all the time so you have time to react to things…

It’s a game where you’re going to die sometimes man…sometimes you’ll get flanked…they’ll get the drop on you…how long can you blame the radar for that? It isn’t completely useless…but if it’s made insanely too good you run into every single problem I laid out in my OP…

You don’t have to be a god predicting every single thing happening in the game…but having a sense of awareness goes a long way…paying attention to things goes a long way…STARING at the corner of your screen only goes so far…and when it doesn’t work the way it worked in an older game you’re left here making threads crying about it instead of realizing there’s more power in your own hands than you realize.

If you think I’m asking for a radar that’s on for the entire map then I’m just going to assume you’ve never played any other Halo, it was useful in them but by no means overly strong. You could still get absolutely wrecked if you weren’t paying attention to it, map awareness had nothing to do with it (as I previously said with you assuming people can see through walls to know where everyone is at all times and who has what weapons.)

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I’ve been playing halo for 20 years. Map awareness and radar go hand In hand…where 1 is the obvious tracker on your screen…and the other is filling in the blanks within the context of the Match with what’s happening…come on now…it’s good to have map awareness on top of radar obviously right?..or are you seriously going to argue with me that it doesn’t matter?..

And you go on to say “wrecked if you weren’t paying attention to it”…again proving the point that some people are lost without the radar because their absence of awareness in the match. Sometimes people do just get the drop on you and make good plays…but again, some people are overly dependent on their radar that they’d undoubtedly get back smacked because they’re so occupied in 1 fight that they’re not even thinking about the other 3 enemies moving around the map that more than likely already seen him in his gun fight. I’m using this example because that would be a key point of someone not paying attention to it because they’re occupied actively fighting.

Ive noticed im having a harder time playing on mouse and keyboard than i am on controller. I mainly play mouse and keyboard so i dont think it has to do with my play style. but something to do with the hit boxes on controller.

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Where in any of this am I even somewhat insinuating map awareness isn’t needed? You don’t just sit the whole match looking at your radar, and you completely misunderstood the part about paying attention. That’s to say that an enemy can ambush you if they’re either A: crouching to bypass it, or B: you are not an aware player to notice the red dot at distance. Even if you are an aware player, the newly decreased range allows you to get caught off guard when normally you wouldn’t. It’s there to be used, and it’s supposed to be balanced to work with the rest of the game, but as it is now it doesn’t do that. Even as janky as og CE was in mp it worked.

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You’re saying map awareness had nothing to do with it and I’m saying they go hand In hand. We can’t go back to having to crouch around the whole damn map. The maps are designed differently in this game and imo the radar changed for that reason as well.