I don't know why but Halo Infinite feels odd

I just played a game of Halo 3 in MCC after months and I really had a good game,
in Infinite I have a hard time making kills and staying alive, Idk if it’s because of the weapons, the balance, hitboxes, the engine, netcode, connections, but it feels off.

I played MCC on PC from the Steam release (and played Halo games before on PC and Xbox 360), and I don’t find the same feeling in Infinite.
I never played 5 but I suppose it is more similar to the previous games than Infinite (My most recent Halo was H4).

I get killed really easily but I have the feeling that I don’t deal enough damage in this game, sometimes I pop a shield and I still have trouble to finish someone who has less armor than me even with “decent” weapons.
I get sometimes frustrated by how I perform.

The game don’t feels the same, I guess I have to relearn how to play, but seriously, it seems like I’m not even playing Halo sometimes.


Just having a decent, useful radar changed so much in term of playability, you have time to react to close players, you have a better chance of surviving gravity hammers and swords, in Infinite, you can’t see the dots before it’s too late. Melee weapons are a unavoidable death sentence when you didn’t see them long enough before.


There’s bugs with aim assist and hit boxes currently so it feels weird. But within a few months it’ll be smoothed out.


Of course they feel different. 2 different games. It’s still halo…but it’s not halo 3. It’s not halo 2. It’s none of the past halo games. It’s halo infinite. The games technically still not even out…some people pick games up naturally quicker than others. Give yourself time to adjust. At the end of the day…you’re looking at

  • this game feels off. It doesn’t feel like halo. I die too fast, I can’t get kills, I can’t move around the map right, it feels like someone Is always in back of me…what happened to the radar? What happened to what halo 3 felt like?

Meanwhile someone on the other team or even your team is getting kills, living, figuring the maps out, understanding this isn’t halo 5, 3, reach, whatever halo you want to compare it to. Some similarities obviously, but many differences to make it It’s unique game…

So at the end of the day…you both are playing the exact same game. Sometimes we just have to understand we can’t grasp the game as fast as others. Don’t get too discouraged or frustrated…give yourself time…breathe and enjoy the game. There’s already tip videos for the game I bet. You could check those out and they may help.


True, but that’s what I’m saying, the gameplay don’t feels Halo, so Halo players have to change how they play, the people who never played Halo just have to learn this once, but it shouldn’t be that way.

And many changes shouldn’t have to be here, the radars range was good before, so they changed this for no good reasons, just making the thing that existed before worse.

Players collision were preferred by Halo players, but they prefer to make the game for others games audience. The game should be for Halo fans not for Fortnite/Cod/Apex players.

It would be a “better” Halo if they didn’t change most of things that were right before, but they like to reinvent the wheel it seems.

They should improve the Halo formula, not -Yoink!- it up.

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You’re making a huge assumption that the other players new…and imo a very bad assumption. We have halo players that have been playing for 20 years dude…no one is picking up this halo for the first time and being the best at it trust me. Theres a learning curve to it sure…even for veterans of the franchise…but they’re at an advantage if they can manage to get past their constant bickering over it not being halo 3.

Why did the radar change? Because players literally stand still and wait there for little red dots to show up and wait for someone else to move the entire match. It makes predictable, boring, stagnant stale matches sometimes. People don’t utilize the whole map either.
“You could just crouch” is the absolute dumbest excuse anyone can say about leaving radar how it was. Crouch still has very high functions in the game if you’re using it under the right circumstances…but to hold crouch to walk through an ENTIRE part of the map just so a dude won’t see a stupid red dot on his radar who’s just literally sitting there? Come on now. It’s way better and makes for a way more engaging experience. More emphasis on the organics of the match happening like positioning…spawn influence…anticipation of a flank vs awaiting a red dot or getting ridiculous hit markers off of a lucky grenade (in the newer game)

It felt really odd to me at first too. I had to go through all the settings to get it to feel more to my style, and still not really there.

Change the FOV
Change HUD and AI settings
Still playing with the deadzones and sensitivity.

It’s just a lot more initial setting adjustments than most games I’ve played.

Edit: I haven’t seen a reference to Shogo in a long time.

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  1. increased strafe acceleration
  2. smaller hitboxes

your character reacts a lot faster to changes in movement input, making strafes snappier and more unpredictable. combine that with the greatly reduced hitbox sizes necessitating pinpoint accuracy with most weapons, and you have a halo game that feels a lot more competitive and difficult to learn.

essentially skilled players have way more room to outperform their opponents, widening the gap between average TTK and optimal TTK.

I don’t care about being the best, or being good right from the start, but I’m sad that many things were changed for the worst.
It’s not particularly a bad thing, but imo it’s just more points in the fact that this games feels “less Halo”.
If they changed things without kill what was good before, I wouldn’t have this feeling that much.
Some examples: like I said radar, player collision, player outlines, simple things like the plasma pistol EMP and more.

I played all of the main Halo games besides 5, every one have the same continuity, they still feels the same games but changed a bit. If this game didn’t have the Halo name and universe, just the same gameplay, you would feel like you’re playing another franchise. The gameplay itself “should’ve” felt Halo.

Yeah because there were some still players we should have a gimped radar.
And there’s still idle players, it didn’t counter that, they limit should’ve made the player blip permanent it would’ve been better.

I’ve never said this so it isn’t in this argument.

It still feels like there’s a disparity in aim assist and bullet magnetism, sometimes i get killed by full auto shooting the AR, while I need to tap shot to still hit the guy. Maybe it has to do with Controller/MouseKeyboard players balance.

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Felt there was something off about the radar but yeah you summed it up pretty well. I found myself getting caught by people at distances I should’ve seen them moving before

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There definitely is, and the standard “slow down your reticule speed when going over an enemy” that’s been in the franchise since CE seems broken too. Half the time I’m on target and it immediately goes back to off target speed if I go up for a headshot and causes me to miss. It’s a really weird feeling and it’s not consistent so I can’t adjust


thats unfortunately RNG. the assault rifle has random bloom, random recoil and a headshot multiplier meaning if a stray bullet hits your head from someone firing full auto you’re less likely to win the engagement. infinite’s assault rifle is wildly less consistent than other iterations.

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My need to tap shoot to finish non armored players still feels consistent tho.

The discussion over radar has happened many times and this is a counter constantly brought up so I threw it there. Its still halo…the br is back…I mean this games more core halo than 5 was, than reach was, than 4 was. The player collision thing was a weird choice, the glare on scopes idk why that is there…but your bread and butter gun fights are the EPITOME of what it feels like to play a halo game. A shot for shot trade off with your weapon, grenades and a melee with the added equipment. Halo at it’s finest. Shields STILL work as they’ve always worked. If you slapped a different name on it everyone would say it’s halo…

There’s an enormous difference between someone holding a position on the map vs someone waiting at the end of a corridor staring at the corner of his screen awaiting a red dot.

I hope you get over the radar issues and adopt a sense of map awareness to a degree where you’re not worried over it so much and enjoy the game. There’s much enjoyment in it…if the constant bickering over the small changes can be overcome.

There’s some people that basically say
“No red vs blue anymore? Wow this isn’t even halo now.”

There’s so much halo in this game…

If you’re set on your opinion over this game, well hey…that’s just how you feel bro. There’s mcc still supported I guess. If you can manage to get past your gripes for this game and manage to have a good time that’s awesome. At the very least there’s still the legacy titles I suppose.

[I don’t know why but halo infinite feels-odd.)

Could it be that things keep changing each Halo 343 creates, and not for the best interest of the game let alone the player base?


Not even close. Reach was closer than this, 4 gameplay wasn’t too different than Reach besides sprint being default, 5 idk.

Man, you can’t even flee a sword/hammer wielder if you didn’t see him from afar, the fact that they can be in the next room and you wouldn’t even know than a player is there if you didn’t see him right in front of the door, is ridiculous, before you knew if a mobile player was here, now you can’t see a moving player who’s at melee length.


Reach was more halo?
Armor lock
Jet pack breaking maps
Bloom (yea its on some weapons in infinite but at least not the starting weapon for ranked)

Dude you’re telling the wrong person. I play a mode where the radar is totally absent from my screen. No radar in ranked at all. 0. The points you’re attempting don’t resonate with me because maybe I just play different. I use my mic, I call out, I watch where my team mates are and where new spawners will be in correspondence to where my team mates are…if the sword was taken…camo…overshield…etc…in this game I also ping locations of enemies for my team mates if I’m not on my mic because I have kids. No one wants to hear a baby crying in the background or my son playing really loud.

Theres small things some players totally overlook. See the weapon racks with weapons missing? Some players don’t even realize that the color of the weapon imprint depicts which team is currently holding that weapon…

Dude you’re acting like you need promethean vision from halo 4 in your game to enjoy it. I think you’re way too dependent on radar so much that all these years you just missed out on some of the basic elements of the game that feed you even more info than waiting for those dots to appear in the corner of your screen. These things all become second nature the more you play without being over dependent on the radar, and in matches with the radar the players that utilize both usually manage the game much better.

I get that the focal point is that the legacy settings suite you better…that matches are more manageable to you and this creates an overall better experience. I can’t argue those aspects because the enjoyment of a game is different to each individual. Some people love something and some don’t.

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Yeah really,

There’s still bloom and even more in weapons like the Sniper.

No player collisions/player outlines/scope glint are 100 times less Halo that what you said about Reach.

I don’t play ranked so that things doesn’t affect me, I play normal multiplayer like I did before, I’m not a fan of the ranked/esports focus like many game have since some years.
I still communicate with pings but besides that I’m not using the voice chat when I’m with random people.

I don’t need to have promethean vision, let’s not hyperbolate. I’m not even radar dependent, but right now the radar is so useless I don’t even use it anymore, and I would like to have at least an useful one.


Nonsense; the radar range is too damn short here, just as it was in Halo 5 with that game’s stupidly broken combination of accelerated movement abilities. Halo Infinite’s combination of equippable movement options, while better balanced than Halo 5, is still too damn fast-paced at times; this ultimately means that the motion tracker range is too damn short for 4v4 games, and completely worthless for Big Team Battles.