i dont know should i keep playing?

i love halo 4 sooooo much but i just got sr130 on Saturday and i dont want to continue playing because i could unlock commendations, the reason this is a bad thing is because csr will be coming out and i do not want to have all commendations completed before it comes out, so i have nothing to level me up faster, how will you level up with csr? will commendations play ANY part in contributing to your level?

You will lvl up your CSR by doing good in games its a ranking system so it depends upon your skill and wins.

CSR will have nothing to do with exp or commendations, so you might as well keep playing.

The CSR coming out will be similar to the Halo 2/3 ranking system. Winning is all that counts.

I didn’t read the end of the OP, everything in this reply is irrelevant, lol.

oh for real? oh man… so then theres really no point in them, ima just wait til april just to make sure ( i believe you guys but still) im only gonna play the new spartan ops missions then back to skyrim til april… thanks guys.