I dont have faith in the store update

Title. The fact they charged so much in the first place, knew they would get huge backlash and still put it through just shows what’s to come.

At best I feel 100cr will be taken off but to me that’s not even close to enough.

Things need to be MASSIVELY reduced, and certain armors shouldn’t be worth more than others just because you placed them as legendary or very rare. All items are gained by the store, none are more rare and all should be the same price.

Every item should be charged as a blue rarity.
Every bundle should be massively decreased.
Every item should be added to a new section to buy individually.
If there is a bundle, it should be made cheaper than buying every piece separately.
We should be able to earn a small amount of cr weekly.

Edit: add cross core. For mark V and mark VII minimum.


it also doesn’t help the only way you can buy the store stuff that can be applied in different ways they’re oftenly in bundles only, which is not good for the store and predatory given the fomo elements at play.

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IMO the main things that should be changed:

  • Every material should apply across vehicles/armor/weapons. This was the selling point in designing things to work with this material system, we were told that doing materials this way would be both easy to produce many unique combinations for 343 (therefore there is no need to spread them so thin) and that they could even be applied to scenery like explosive barrels (therefore there is no technical constraint in allowing every material for everything that can use one).
  • Every emblem should apply across vehicles/armor/nameplates/weapons. This is just a no-brainer. The packs are being inflated up to having 12 items and a very narrow scroll to see which other items come with it because of all the different contexts it can be used. If I were to buy something and mistakenly forget to meticulously comb it to see if I can even use it the way I want, the refund policy is: “too bad” according to the support site.

I hope at some point armor cores will just be destroyed and broken down into their base pieces allowing for greater customization (I couldn’t care less about clipping with the armor if slow load times are still rendering each spartan in just their techsuit for half a second every time a game loads)

As for prices, they could stay the same if these changes were made.

Obviously from the power weapon skins compared to the BR/Sidekick skins, they were expecting to make a lot more money from dripping those out, but at the rate things are dripping, hardly anyone is personalized, they’re either wearing the latest thing to come out/on their pass or they’re as plain as can be.

I just wait and see how it will turn out. Less that 48 hours to go. :wink:

the colours, matching shoulder pads and emblems etc are arguably the only things that should be bundled, agreed, since they’ve been split up excessively when its just the same things, its dumb.

If I understood correctly they will start making changes this week and continue to experiment with it over the coming weeks. If that is the case I’m quite certain that this weeks changes won’t be a big improvement and rather a first step. They’ll likely drop pricing in increments.

As for unbundling of items: I’d assume that this is currently not implemented in the client, so we’ll likely see this with the february update at the earliest.