I don't get to play with my friends cause of SBMM in social

I’m a onyx with a bunch of high gold and low platinum friends. I thought it would be fine as long as didn’t play rank with them but nope, we keep getting my rank of people in social and ruins their time so now they are asking me to make a smurf account just to play social. I didn’t want to make a smurf so now my friends don’t want to play with me cause my lobbys are too much for them so now I’m all alone :frowning:


Same, I’m not Onyx tho

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While I understand, and agree to some extent. Do you think it would be really fair to those players who are much lower then you to get utterly destroyed by you when playing with your friends? It has to be fun for those players as well.


So you’re saying that you can’t play with your friends because if they play against a skilled player, it ruins their fun.

If your solution is to smurf or get rid of SBMM, then everyone on the enemy team is going to play against a skilled player like yourself and it ruins their fun.

So what’s the solution to keep it as fair as possible while everyone gets to have fun?


Yea it’s pretty dumb. My friends and I largely just play ranked crossplay as they want BR starts, f ar/sidekick starts. It’s usually only bad though when match making gives the other team 2 great players instead of 1.

Having strict SBMM isn’t really a way to make games always competitive either. I run into diamonds that have bad games and go 5-18 and basically play like a silver. I know I’ve done it before. This happens like every other game too. Anyone can have a bad game, not be feeling it, maybe their team is terrible at communication and team work. This game requires teamwork more than past halo’s for sure.

Wish we had BR social playlist and no SBMM. We can accept when we play 4 onyx level players and we get stomped. Because we know the next game may just be average players, or any mix. With no rank on the line, it’s easier to accept. Ranked already has this element with unranked players. Plenty of unranked players who are going to be diamonds and on day onyx players - game evaluates them to only onyx 1 though when making a match - and they are clearly better. Whole system is flawed and it’s best to just not care about it frankly since it’s 343.


same, cant search with anyone… MMR in social needs a change


Just make a smurf. Having fun with your friends is the important part.


That’s the point of random it worked in H3. Some matches will be sweaty some will be a walk


Just have it a random system


But then I don’t get to work on my challenges and eventually the system will catch on then be back to square one then a never ending cycle of making smurf account


This is basically the argument that puts it all to rest. Sbmm has to exist otherwise its just like flipping the sides only for it to be flipped after enough matches are played on the new account.

Maybe sbmm doesn’t scale down enough for the lower players. Idk. I only play ranked but I noticed certain team compositions become disastrous for the lower players. All a good friend can really do is help build up the other friends tbh. We don’t live in an ideal world where where individual player will have their equivalent against them. Maybe it can get close to that sometimes, but other times it doesn’t happen.

Its kind of rare that I see threads like this even talk about building up the team mates. Like why leave them not knowing some of the most fundamental stuff you do to do better right? A little help goes a long way. They learn hardly anything if all they’re there for is a distraction.


There are more people combined in lower ranks then in diamond/onyx (which is likely the fair matchups for your level). So most of the time you would be getting a team you could stomp on if it had no SBMM. I know its unranked, but a lot of people dont play ranked to get away from just that.

It sounds to me like you dont want your friends to get stomped on, but are totally ok with others getting stomped by you.

I’m not sure if this is the problem or not. At least not the entire problem. The more I have played, the more I wonder if the matchmaking and ranking in this game is just totally broken.

When we have a group playing together with different ranks, we usually play with and against platinum and diamond players, which would make sense with SBMM trying to balance us out. But we often end up playing against platinum players that demolish us while the diamond players on our team spend most of the match eating crayons.

So something is messed up to the point where games would be more enjoyable if matchmaking in non ranked playlists was based on connection and the skill was random.

No my friends don’t want to get stomped on so they don’t play with me


Right, so your answer is to make it random so you stomp others and they have no fun. Got it, lets break the game for others to make it better for my friends. No offense, but it doesnt make much sense. I empathize with the situation, but its kinda not an issue.

I assume they will get better and it wont be an issue at some point. BTB could be a better option (when fixed) maybe?


It should be random for social playlists. If people want skill balance, they can play ranked.


If you want balance that’s what rank is for


The problem is actually worse in BTB


Or maybe thats why they are playing social? To get away from sweaty games against Onyx/Diamond players. As I said, I get the issue, but I think your situation is the edge case, not the norm. I doubt they change that.

Dude he’s just trying to have fun with his friends and the system in place prevents that. You can’t understand how bad that is? I guess he’s gotta forfeit playing with his family and make random friends in Onyx?

Nobody was complaining that Halo 3 was too hard in social, not even bad players. It’s a new problem that’s killing the game for a lot of people. I too gotta play this game by myself cause none of my friends want any of that sweaty shh

Edit: corrected the post to be less aggressive, lol
But it’s a big issue that ive been having for years too