I don't feel like 343 understands map design.

Look at haven. its boasted as being a symmetrical map. that is what it was described as even being one of the first announced and its still described that way. Yet, 343 placed the spawns ON THE LINE OF SYMMETRY. The reason players (particularly the competitive ones) LIKE symmetry is because its much easier to balance properly. However, The spawns are not correct for a symmetrical map. One team, the one that spawns in the half-circle part of the map, has the options to go forward, left, and has the option to go on the top or the bottom.

But the side that spawns outside the half circle is more limited. Their option is to run straight forward before they can choose which part of the map they wish to help control. So by the time anyone on that side is able to get to the outer, half circle part of the map, the team that spawned there has already taken the whole thing, including ALL THE WEAPONS THAT SPAWN THERE.

What would have made sense was to spawn both teams at the opposite ends of the semi circle, giving each team same access to both the map and the weapons that spawn on it.

Abandon is messed up too. One team spawns on a significantly higher piece of ground than the other, giving them a high ground advantage right off the boot.

Exile exemplifies the reason for asymmetrical hate-the difficulty it takes to balance it properly. For starters, in multiple gametypes one team spawns with a guass warthog, and the other doesn’t. I don’t know how many of you have been privileged to use a gauss turret, but its simply outstanding. Which is the problem. the ease with which one can go on some sort of killing rampage (i would say spree, but rampage is much funner to say and fits the situation more) is laughable. and giving this power to one side of the map is just insane. This is just a hunch, but i believe that same spawn is closer to the sniper, which the other spawn is closer to the tank. I am not a hundred percent certain about that though.

Longbow is insane as well. Particularly for dominion. the location of point B is incredibly easy to defend if your players have the slightest bit of skill.

I have small grudges with practically all of halo 4’s maps, but the above is the majority. Am i crazy or something? seriously.