I don't even want a Halo 6

To be honest I wouldn’t even want a Halo 6 anymore seeing the direction 343 is headed in with their masterpiece (not) called Halo 5. Instead I want a mega bloks themed Halo that is lighthearted and keeps me from ripping my hair out from tryharding so much in arena or quitting every warzone game with people spamming the best weapons and vehicles. Just imagine landing on a world made of bloks and stepping out of a pelican as Master Chief or any spartan/elite character that you create or a whole new character entirely (with splitscreen of course). I would have a third party develop this since 343 would make a turd of a campaign and every unlock or progression in the games multiplayer would be behind a mega bloks themed req card system. Anyways multiplayer could be cooperative offline and online, with a firefight mode that allows players to build vehicles and weapons with a currency earned during gameplay. PvP could be large scale chaos like warzone or balanced like big team battle but I don’t see how arena gameplay could be implemented since the game isn’t super cereal. Forge would be super detailed but also easy to idiots like me to create custom maps and fun gametypes AND even forge firefight maps (I’ve been wanting that since ODST). Customization would be based on real mega bloks action figures or whatever you call them, to help sell their crappy toys of course, with the ability to change everything on your spartan or elite and have customizable vehicles because why not. But most importantly have no special edition or pre order bonus with free DLC that has new characters, vehicles, weapons etc based on the toy line again.

Unfortunately for you, 343 is currently developing a future Halo title so this is moot.