I don't even care about armor anymore

You lost me when you mentioned loadouts. I agree with everything else.

Not a bad idea, play old games to appreciate them actually having content.

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Play old games because I appreciate Videogames as an art form and not as a money siphon.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2T9g0TnvWE

I meant loadouts of the playlist… like spawning with AR and SK is called a starting loadout. Jesus not sure if I should laugh or cry if there are people who are so sensitive to the word “loadout”

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*proceeds to have PTSD flashbacks of 343’s attempt at convincing us that they made a Halo game


“Mind taking that load out back to be disposed?”

starts foaming at the mouth

The amount of joy I felt when I played the Halo 5 Beta and saw the return of true multiplayer… … only to witness my hopes presented to the guillotine as I learned that Brian Reed was the new writer and that 343 doesn’t know how to make good games.


Don’t make my eye twitch like that

at this point I’ve given up on infinite. I pop in for the events, but thats like a part time job that I hate. I’d rather play dark souls 3 or elden ring now cause they’re finished out of the box

they’ve couldve done so much with the game. like if it was a live service, they couldve done something like destiny and made the tutorial area a small hub for you and your friends to f— around in. challenges could be aquired there, events could be from specific characters (could make a Mysterious Samari next to a portal for the fracture, but a spartan with tact op parts for tact op).

and with the mrk 5 armor you couldve been required to find schematics as its a much older model. wether its in the maps, or tutorial area, or campaign. maybe make boss rush like firefight game modes, as well as fracture boss battles (imagine fighting a fast as h— samari spartan that has a katana and mauler, or an iron eagle spartan that duel weilds rocket launchers,) and you get a chunky amount of xp.

and customization…I’ve honestly lost hope in that. I wrote like a 10 page doc back in Nov on how they might fix that, and a calculator that breaks down everything into individual pieces, but @ this point, the game has become what I feared back in august; a storefront.


^^^Wise words here^^^


Sounds like too much work. Just put everything in a store.


Naw, even that is too much work. Just put in like 5 things in the store at a time.

Well put. I can relate eminently

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Let me translate that for you.
“Your game, that has historically had amazing progression system with fulfilling item unlocks, is now ruined by a F2P model and the only solution is to stop playing and accept that the game is no longer Halo”.

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I have a hard time believing anyone liked the grind in Halo Reach. The only thing people liked was the armor customization. Anyone who says they liked the credit system, therefore the grind, is probably an idiot blinded by nostalgia. Emphasis on the idiot. I swear, Halo fans are some of the world’s dumbest people. Bottom of the barrel

I’m still waiting for Inclement Weather to be added to Infinite.

Agreed. And then theres the glaring fact that there arent that many armor pieces to choose from. And, in my opinion, many look very bland and generic.

I think 343i should have had the armor open to unlock via in-game currency. While many may be quick to point out Reach did this, several armor pieces were only attainable for purchase, after reaching a certain level. I think 90% of the armor should be available to all players, at any level, for purchase with credits/points. Then have the remaining unlockable through challenges, battle pass, and time sensitive/seasonal events.
And, if players choose to, purchasable in-game credits with real money so player can get exactly what they want.
343i could release monetizable cosmetics that are attainable through play and purchase, and there no paywall only, or level capped items. Win win for everyone.

Back in the day if you saw somebody with a certain piece of armor you’d admire their effort in obtaining it & even pursue it yourself (EOD in H3, CQB in Reach & Commendation Skins in H4)

now? all I do is wonder how much people have spent, 343 have sucked the life out of customization.

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Just quit playing it and go to a different halo game

What I liked about the credits is that I could actually CHOOSE what I wanted to buy with the money I earned. I didn’t have to suffer through a battlepass to get some less than half decent armor. Plus the challenges back then weren’t crap, they were actually challenging, but they were also reasonable.

Wasn’t perfect, but it was better than this.