I don't even care about armor anymore

343 has made me stop caring about how my Spartan looks. I don’t care about armor, weapon skins, stances, A.I.s, even emblems. There’s no fun in unlocking things anymore, either you have to buy a battle pass to grind to get armor, or you have to suffer through free event passes that are either extremely easy, or unreasonably difficult.

There is no enjoyment in unlocking armor that is in a generic battlepass, that has no thought process whatsoever. You log in, play a game and get 300 xp right off the bat whether you win or lose, and that’s not even counting double xp boosts which makes it even easier. There’s no skill involved if all you do is play games and then get armor literally thrown at you.

That, or you pay ten bucks to get a bundle full of armor that doesn’t change a bit about the game when you stop playing it.

In other words, skill is rewarding, a pocket full of cash is not.


Its so unsatisfying. I always loved customizing my Spartan, but despite their promises of having tons of stuff to unlock through gameplay I don’t feel like I can make a really unique Spartan without purchasing stuff from the store. The Battle Pass doesn’t have all of the Reach stuff and I suppose the event cosmetics might be slightly rare in a few months.


The incentive that is a must in most games has been removed from this game. Why spend all this time for recycled items I have already acquired in the other titles, let alone pay for it?

343 even went to the extent of selling Reach items as if that was something special :man_facepalming:


The store should just be bundles that rotate in weekly.
We should be able to earn credits (grindy) and then buy what we want, or, you can just pay your way through.
The stuff that would’ve been in the BPs (free/paid) would be cheaper while the other stuff (store items) would be more expensive to grind for.

343 gets money
Players have stuff to progress and they continually are getting new cosmetic items
Everyone wins

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That’s like a baseball player earning a trophy, and then someone else coming along and buying the same trophy the other player worked so hard to earn. There should be no real life money purchases at all. Unlocking armor should be about skill and determination. Like it was in every Halo before it (minus Halo 5).

As it is there’s not really an incentive to get better because everyone gets catered to, whether they’re getting a 300xp participation award, or they can just drop two hundred bucks to get all the game has to offer.

The game is f2p, whether you like it or not, that’s how it is. Deal with it or move on and find another game to play


Already have.
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Welcome to the club.

I play the game because it is fun, not because I’m desperate for something to fill out the bare cosmetic options. When I’ve grown frustrated enough with the games issues or bored with the limited modes and maps, I turn the game off. Cosmetic unlocks are just a bonus for the time I play, nowhere near motivation to do something I’m not enjoying (i.e. annoying challenges).


Developers need to set a new, more consumer-centric, model for Free-to-play. As long as they are followers in the F2P industry, the game will lack longevity and satisfaction to keep players engaged.


Good for you.
Since you have nothing else to add, have a great evening!


Oh I have plenty to add, but this conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere friendly, so good day to you too.


Waypoint threads rarely do :slight_smile:


Would have been halfway decent if Event Armors were skill based unlocks.

No. It’s RNG based grinding.

What’s better?

Fiesta grind for Tenrai or killing 500 enemies with Melee?

500 Headshots or Tact Slayer grind?

All of these need not be FOMO and just given to the player upon reaching these achivements, with Event Playlists FACILITATING the earning of achievements by giving you loadouts and settings which let you earn these kills easily.

Nah. Let’s make everything FOMO mono playlist grind. That’s more fun.


343i is clearly leveraging the Fear Of Missing Out in everything that they do. The only way to bypass this is by treating the cosmetic system as if it was dead.

I personally don’t really feel comfortable wearing a nice looking helmet if the only way to have gotten it is to have played 2+ hours on a specific week over a month ago. Where an item comes from didn’t use to be baggage. In this game it kind of weighs on me.


I’ve given up on my Spartan I’m just wearing Emiles Armor kit, I just want more maps & content for Halo Infinite to keep me playing

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I miss the days when cosmetics were mostly available for unlock with actual gameplay and then had the option to buy DLC cosmetics on occasion.

Too bad some companies don’t want to put a leash on their marketing teams.


I already feel bored of Season 2 and we’re still in Season 1, because I simply don’t care about this stuff anymore. Season 2 is bringing new Cores, cool, but I can’t mix and match, so what’s the point. And of course more stuff will be locked behind the store.

I feel exhausted at this point. I seriously get sad thinking about this game.


Honestly I uninstalled Infinite because to me, the best parts of Halo were: Custom Games, Campaign, Forge, and armor customization, ALL of those have been MASSIVE disappointments if not outright insultingly low quality throughout Infinite. When I played Infinite I felt unclean for wearing nice armor because I didn’t earn it.

So I cut out the tumor that was Halo Infinite, went back to MCC and other older franchises that don’t nickle and dime you for anything. Haven’t looked back or had any regrets since.


I’ve done something similar.

For the first time in 14 years I bought a gaming PC ($5k tax return for the win) and I am now going to play through my Steam Library again… plus new titles such as Black Mesa and Half-Life Alyx await.

I am literally going to replay the entire Half-Life series instead of consistently play Halo Infinite.


We had to grind in Reach and everyone asked for that back. We got it back, but now we have to buy the right to grind, lmao.

Monkey’s Paw type beat.