I dont care about the ranking system this is all I want.

I love armor, I love it so much its what drew me like a moth to a lamp towards Halo CE ( plus I love Sci-Fi) and in halo 3 I was delighted when I found I could change my armor pieces on my spartan to what I like, even more so in reach, for me it was a statement of who I was. individuality is what custom armor is for, personalisation in other words. so to get to the point:

Make a system where you can unlock a wide range of armor, whether it be levelling up or credits ( I liked the credit system)
and make certain armor pieces only unlockable through achievements?

or maybe even keep both the halo 2 levelling system and the credit system, but keep them separate e.g each game you earn credits to buy armor but it doesn’t effect your rank?

thank you for reading

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I agree with you, but I don’t see how to keep leveling and credit earning seperate. I think the armor types need to be so diverse, that you can customise Spartan, Marine, Insurenctonist, Elite, Brute, and maby one of the new enemies.

Nah just keep it to Spartans and elites

But please explain how my system cant work?

I never said it can’t work, I just don’t understand it.

Halo 2 levelling system AND credit system, so you get XP in a match and that goes towards your rank, but you also get credits which goes towards buying armor (some armor you have to unlock with achievements) getting credits DOESNT EFFECT YOUR RANK ITS JUST FOR BUYING YOUR AMROR!

do you understand now?

Ya, I get it now, thanks.


I’d prefer the characters to not look like they’re about to go to a fancy dress party, It’s too ugly

Only some of the armor looked stupid e.g security gungir haunted

Reach is the perfect game for you.

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