I don’t want old weapons back in infinite

I’ve played enough halo to not want more of the same thing. I’d be happy if the sandbox was totally replaced with new weapons.

I get the allure….but man I don’t just want a reskin of an old halo game


So you’d say no to the SMG, plasma rifle, fuel rod cannon and the original halo shotgun and covenant carbine id like to see as many weapons as we can put in the game please.


I don’t see why they shouldn’t be there. It was never exactly the most expansive catalogue to begin with. We aren’t talking a hundred guns, it’s more like 10-20 with some real stinkers.

Also, I’d rather have old stuff than nothing

I am just not very impressed by the DMR almost a year after launch. It’s neat just don’t expect me to get all excited or be impressed. Same with Co-Op and Forge.


? New plus old weapons = a whole lot more fun for og players and new, why ruin a game even more by ditching weapons that are good.

Whilst some weapons need adjusting, the og shotgun is cool, and believe it’s coming, along with fuel rod gun which iv’e seen gameplay of, same with vehicles, og rocks, plus cool to have new versions or og versions


Because, back in Halo Reach, the DMR turned the game into a skeet shoot with both teams popping into and out of cover.

Hence why I don’t want the DMR back again because it’s an uber powerful long-range weapon that shreds enemies even when they have shields.


Then the DMR should be a power weapon drop or chance of dropping from weapon pods I think thats reasonable

Of course your thoughts are welcome, everybody has their own, maybe with the scope not being on it in Infinite might mean it’s been adjusted in some way.
I tend not to think about how it was in previous Halo titles, more how 343 balance the weapons in Infinite, maybe it comes in a drop pod or power weapon spawn same as Sniper etc.

Either way it’s still coming along with other weapons

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I want to have more guns, but at the same time, I don’t like the weapon redundancy. Halo 3 is possibly the worst in terms of redundant weapons, especially with dual wield being left behind for the most part. Halo Reach wasn’t much better either. You have a UNSC gun, then a covenant equivalent. Or heck, the AR clones.
We got the AR.
Plasma Rifle
Plasma Repeater
Theoretically the plasma stuff should be good at shields, but the AR does it better. And the Spiker isn’t even kinetic damage, it is plasma in Reach.

Every gun is cool, but when you have a sandbox, everything needs to be useful, and most of them aren’t.
And normally I would say “well let’s just have the old guns in forge” but with weapon pads made to be changeable, new guns won’t just stay in Forge. And even then I’m afraid every “arena” made map in forge is just going to be another BR/DMR oriented map with weapons spread around with no one picking them up.

343 can add old guns, but they need to fit. The OG shotgun would be a good addition. But they also need to fix most of the guns that are already here.


I mean, if they’re basically just porting its stats from something like Reach, that isn’t going to work. The DMR is a slightly weaker version of the Sniper with more ammo (15+60 in Reach) and is substantially easier to use than the Sniper is because you don’t need to fish for headshots until the shields are down.

Which has thus far been terrible and does not paint a good picture for the future.
The Commando is a nerfed piece of trash, worse than the Sidekick, AR or Battle Rifle
The Ravager is better but still not good.
The AR is massively overtuned and borders on being a power weapon.
The BR is a laser rifle in terms of lethality, range and accuracy.
The Plasma Pistol is a nerfed abomination.
The Disruptor is an SMG with a gimmick that works about 25% of the time.
The Shock Rifle is a Sniper Rifle with a worse scope that has a gimmick that requires too much ammo.
The Bulldog is a Shotgun with range… But loses one-shot, making it less useful against Sword Wielders.
The Heatwave is a side-grade of the Bulldog - also can’t one-shot.
Pulse Carbine is a meme weapon
Sentinel Beam is really strong with aim assist, useless without
Skewer is a Sniper Rifle with a single-shot, only useful against light vehicles
Cindershot is an inferior Grenade Launcher that has a reticle chasing gimmick
Mangler was so powerful pros cried about it until it got nerfed, a nerf which hit every weapon in the game because 343 didn’t know how to tune the Mangler specifically

So 343 isn’t exactly balancing this game well. There’s a lot that needs to be fixed or retuned to be more useful in this sandbox before they start adding in stuff like the DMR, which if they don’t do it properly, is going to destroy the game on larger maps.

To be fair, at least in Halo 3, these weapons aren’t that useless, they just need to be paired and their shots need to be led. Which is hard to do, but you get rewarded with decent damage.

The Plasma Rifle, if they ever bring it back, should get its stun mechanic from CE back.


You must be crazy man I love to have some of the old classics back especially the Halo CE Shotgun and Magnum with their ammo and damage from Halo CE intact as well as the Plasma Rifle especially the one from Halo CE because it had a stun effect which I loved and the list goes on but I’m not gonna put it all down because it would be a long list to read


Fuel rod cannon.
Plasma caster.
Sticky detonator.

Id take any of those.


I don’t want the dmr back, terrible weapon and the BR is just better in every way

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I feel similar. But I would say I don’t want old weapons that don’t add something significant to the sandbox back.

That means I’d happily say yes to something like the Sticky Detonator, because we don’t have any kind of remote mine in the game.

But you won’t hear me saying yes to the SMG, Shotgun, or DMR without heavy reworks to how they function. We already have the AR, Sword, and BR doing pretty much everything they would do as-is.

And I’d actually rather see the Plasma Pistol get bumped up to deal reasonable damage semi-automatically than see the Plasma Rifle come back. Because they practically do the same thing just stronger/weaker than the other.


We need the OG shotty back as a PROPER counter to the Energy Sword and Grav Ham. Plus Infection with the bulldog would be the single most garbage mode in Halo.


Old weapons come first, then the influx of new weapons afterwards, The games gonna be supported for 10 years. Might as well bring in the old guns and then add a ton of new weapons to the game I’ve the course of 10 years. It would be good because that means a much bigger sandbox instead of then completely ditching old weapons and only making new ones.

Bulldog infection, ehhhh that makes me wanna cry

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10 years? That is just NOT gonna happen considering the increasingly very negative reception to this “game”!

I will say that Infection with only the pathetic Bulldog would be so frustrating and lame to watch.

I get your point you wanna see more innovation/ creativity like with the Shock Rifle, Ravanger, etc. Which I’m all about but the game is a sandbox and desperately needs more content. So if they wanna start copy-pasting old content (Maps, Weapons, Equipment, etc) then power it to them. I personally could care less about new concepts right now. Gunplay is so bland right now it is, unlike anything I’ve ever felt playing a Halo before. Say what you want about H5 but the content was not lacking 44 weapons not to include varients.

Welcome to Halo milking is real and H:I is no different I don’t know what lobbies you play but I’ve never seen the community milk as hard as they do in this game. It’s already here and in full swing except in BTB but those maps are much larger and wide open.

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No ty OG shotgun please