I don’t think Halo should be the type of game that functions around challenges/chores/bounties in order to progress

What I always loved about Halo was that you could just play gameytypes you enjoyed and you would progress. You get XP from completing matches. More XP if you played well.

This changed in Halo 5 (maybe also in Halo 4, can’t remember) where playing 12 minutes of Warzone gave you more than double the XP compared to playing 12 minutes of PvP.

Still, you were able to progress by simply playing what you loved. For me that was ranked Slayer. I was never great at it (mostly Platinum, sometimes low Diamond) BUT I F*CKING ENJOYED IT!!! I played with 3 friends game after game after game, having a blast (3 friends who quit Halo Infinite within the first week after they saw what Halo had become).

Now this Challenge system is already doing what I hate about games like Destiny: It is forcing me to play gamemodes and use weapons I don’t enjoy, simply to progress. Sometimes even forcing me to sabotage my own team or not help them winning matches. “Sorry guys! I can’t help capturing zones in Stronghold! The game wants me to get 15 Commando kills, so I will not be capping any zones! Instead I will go to the Commando rifle spawn point over and over and over and try to get Commando kills!”

Play 3 Oddball matches. Well, I don’t really like Oddball (don’t hate it either), but also THERE IS NO ODDBALL PLAYLIST! I need to play PvP and there is roughly a 1 in 4 chance I get into an Oddball match. So I have to play somewhere between 10 and 16 games in order to progress this bounty, depending on my RNG. Because if I quit matches that are not Oddball I get banned!

Get 3 kills with an Oddball. Seriously? A gamemode that promotes you to HIDE the Oddball from the enemy team now gives me a challenge to essentially take the Oddball TO the enemy and try to get a kill with it? Who made these challenges?

Win a match of Big Team Battle. I hate Big Team Battle. But I figured winning a game is 50/50, so I probably have to play 2. Well, I played 4 matches and my team lost every single time. And now I’m burned out.

I can go on about these challenges, but essentially 90% of them are pure cr*p.

I am not 100% against challenges, but at the very least 80% of your XP and probably even 90% of your XP should come from playing games you LOVE to play and rewarding you more if you play good. Isn’t that what videogames were essentially meant to do? To RELAX after work/school and not feel like chores?

And there are quotes from 343i saying they want this “player first” mentality and make the game not feel like a chore. Well, I play Destiny 2 and I played CoD. And these games feel more “player first”. Holy moly.

Please, throw the whole challenge system in the trash. Halo doesn’t need chores. Halo needs to be about playing the best you possible can, helping your teammates, trying to win and enjoying yourself in the process.

And if you DON’T throw this challenge system in the trash, please make sure all 25 or so weekly challenges are open all the time. Right now you can only have 4 weekly challenges open: 1 wants you to play quickplay, the second big team battle, the third fiesta and the fourth ranked. That way completing these 25 or so challenges takes f*cking forever and you get essentially what you said you didn’t want to happen: the game becomes a chore and you burn your players out. And that is already happening while the game is barely 1,5 weeks old.

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Challenges should be a secondary way of progression. not the main way

you should be rewarded for your performance, not by spending 10 games trying to complete an annoyingly obscure challenge requirement for less XP than you would’ve earned if performance XP was a thing.

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Yeah, I 100% agree. Hopefully changes will come soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Challenges that make you play against what you should be doing are the worst. You often see people doing things that are detrimental to the game type, and I’m sure it’s mostly just people trying to grind through these sorts of challenges.

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