I don’t have access to halo insider app on Xbox

So I’ve been checking everyday and I still don’t have access to halo insider program on the Xbox one S and I even check the Insider hub and it still doesn’t show up

I believe that app was only for the launch of MCC on the xbox, go here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/halo-insider/profile make sure you are all green, and you should be waiting for an email when the public flight starts, that is if you even get picked for it.

If I am wrong, someone please correct me

Flighting for MCC hasn’t started yet, so nobody has access to any of the Insider builds right now. As above make sure that you are signed up for the new Insiders program and that everything is verified. As soon as you are accepted into a test flight you will be emailed with details on how to access it.