I do not want color presets. I do not want armor "cores". Please, let us enjoy a true and unrestricted customization

I want to freely mix and match any/all armor pieces for a look all my own. I want to color individual areas of my armor as I see fit. I could fathom and be excited about armor-highlight variants and unique visual effects coming up on the battlepass. I have no motivation to pursue one-off palette swaps. I do not want to drop 10$ on being trapped behind one or two colors.

I love the idea of the purely aesthetic rewards of the battlepass but without a wide range of customization ability I have no intention to invest.

I see the same red Mark VII Spartans every match and the same Grey Yoroi every other match. Even so early in the game’s life, I can’t help but desperately crave distinction on the battlefield. I want to arrive as MY Spartan and become feared (or mocked) on sight. I want a rival to emerge on the opposing team that I can identify from a mile away because “they’re that pink and gold s.o.b. with the Mark V helmet and the samurai pants that keeps getting the drop on me”.

Stories from each match should be driven as much by the appearance of the players as their actions. I assure you personal investment increases 20-fold when a player has built their spartan from the ground up, in their chosen image, with pride. “Yeah, I chose Cadet Brick” does not inspire. Not even a bit.

All that said I’m quite enjoying the actual playing of the game. The inclusion of prosthetics was also an absolutely welcome touch.


I’ll eventually get over the fact that most of the customization items can be found in the store, but I just can’t let go the ridiculous nature that are armor core restrictions

I makes no sense to restrict items such as coatings & visors behind certain cores, it only exists to sell you the same items multiple times, I hate that.


Never gonna happen I’m afraid. There is no money in allowing players free rein in customisation. To many people willing to spend real cash on colours. An as long as people are willing to part with their cash companies will always try to profit from them.


Well, I take umbrage with the idea that there can’t be both. The game is free, customization is where the money is to be made - that absolutely tracks. I’ll spend cash on colors with the rest of them, pending I can use those colors how I like as opposed to dipping the entirety of the armor in someone else’s chosen layout.


Hey I’m with you. I’d prefer to be able to choose my own colour patterns and add ons for free. I was just stating that 343i won’t change it now. We might get a few extra freebies thrown into future battle passes but they are still gonna heavily monitize customisation. I just don’t understand how 1 core is $20. Even takin into account the time spent making the core, charging 2 r 3 dollars makes more sense. Pure greed has led us to this type of monitization.

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I also miss the old customizations, now every player looks the same besides those weirdos that paid money to cheat to the end of a FREE TO PLAY game lol So much for creating your own personal Spartan like 343 promised…(more empty promises, big surprise right?)

These new multiplayer systems are purely designed in a way that maximizes the players chances to buy cosmetics or packs or Battle Passes or whatever BS title they stamp on it. By giving you very limited resources and choices in nearly every aspect of Halo Infinite Multiplayer, you can only do very specific things that 343 designed for us.

Why would companies do such controlling things like this? well… we gotta blame the players. The companies introduced this business model(to children first, then adults), and eventually players of all ages ate it up like the moronic consumers we all are bred to be.

Instead of voicing their concerns or opinions, they shied away from the confrontation and allowed these billionaire CEO POS to sink their vampire teeth even deeper. Sadly, this multiplayer trend is so vampiric that it actually has a negative effect even on the Campaign aspects of games… which is why A LOT of these types of games are F2P and usually don’t have Campaigns connected to them.


I don’t think you’re grasping my point, chief. The base game experience is free and that’s wildly generous. I don’t have any issue with people wanting to invest in an aesthetics-based system. The issue I have is the aesthetics on offer are terribly limiting thus dissuading that investment.

If I spend x-amount of dollars I don’t want to simply appear the same as the next player who spent the same. I want to invest money - which keeps games like this running, mind you - in the opportunity to more finely customize my own appearance and experience. Let’s not skew the narrative here away from my initial point - refining customization. Anyone’s feelings on the entirely optional expenses is another topic, I’m sorry.

Money is not the issue and shouldn’t be perceived that way. The issue is the customization options or lack thereof.


I think issue that everybody has is that the customization was a given in the previous halo games, even halo CE let you change to whatever color you wanted. For infinite they’ve just arbitrary decided to lock what used to be standard features behind a grind or paywall. The multiplayer could have just as easily been included with the full game. The free to play pay to customize model is a cash grab. Would have rather seen development time put into gamemode, maps and playlists vs battlepasses and monetization. Unlocking armor through in-game achievements or just by playing the game was the standard up until infinite.

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343i have made the bed, you need to get in.

It won’t change, this new way of customisation is a massive cash grab for them and it’s something they’ll go full throttle into. There’s plenty of kids that’ll spend their parents credit limit on these pointless items.

I don’t like it, you don’t like it. But plenty of 12 year olds are more than happy buying into this rubbish rather than having to be good at the game to unlock these armours and effects.

That’s their target market.

Fortnite was selling skins at $30+ dollars dressed up as the actual game in stores. This -Yoink!- behaviour is rife in the game industry.

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Cores make sense to me. It allows a clear separation of art style, and enables more freedom to create or bring back customizations from past games in a way that makes them look right, and not… Awkward or wrong because of limitations brought on by the base armor underneath.

However… Emblems, coatings, and visor colors have no place being locked to cores or specific weapons or vehicles. They should be considered a single universal item that can be applied to anything you have.

And Kits should immediately unlock all the items within them for customization upon purchase.

An argument can be made for helmets too. But I’d worry about your helmet failing to match the art style of your core. Mark VII is blockier, bulkier, and more polygonal looking than Mark V[b]. Just look at Trailblazer vs Recon, they each fit their cores much better than they would switched it would be kind of jarring to look at. So I think even helmets should stay core locked.


I take your meaning regarding consistency of style, but should that not be the choice of the player? Awkward is and should be subjective. You or I may not find every player’s idea of a customized look ideal, but - at the risk of sounding overly saccharine - individuality is a virtue. Those distinctions of taste and personality allowed to shine through help define an ultimately more engaging and memorable experience.

The impetus of the battlepass is entirely the cosmetic end. If the selection were meant to be so frigid and purely developer-taste curated then it feels the spirit of customization has been left to the wayside.

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Armor cores are definitely the worst thing ever done to Halo’s customization. Infinite’s customization already feels restrictive enough with most of the content being locked behind paywalls and the slow progression of the battle pass but armor cores make it even worse by not allowing us to mix and match all available customization options like every other Halo since Halo 3 (excluding putting Elite armors on Spartans and vice versa). It’s a big reason why everyone looks so similar right now, most people only have access to the default Mk VII armor, the first bit of the Reach armors, and the default Yoroi armor. Allowing us to mix and match all of those armor pieces and use any armor shader from any armor core would take what currently feels like very restrictive customization options and open it up to many more possibilities, especially as we get deeper and deeper into the battle pass. It still may not be the “millions” of customization combinations that 343 talked about us having on day 1 but it would definitely come much closer to what their day 1 customization vision seemed to be than what we have now. Remove the armor core system and one of Infinite’s biggest customization issues right now will be instantly fixed

Armor Cores are going nowhere, the customization is built into it (pieces fit on to specific 3D models).

But the colors must be freed up, yes.

As much as I agree with you 343 won’t cave because they’re gonna lose a boat load of money which they need after the delays. What’s funny is that one of my buddies just said f it and dropped money to get the whole pass complete. Shame this is the state of gaming now.

Hence why I said helmets could also be an exception. Unlike shoulders, wrist, utility, gloves, and especially chest pieces the helmet won’t clip right into, or float above a base piece that isn’t the right size and shape for it.

But all the pieces listed above would actually not work on different cores, as the underlying armor isn’t the right shape for them.

Well if we want to split hairs further, yes I recognize the present supposed technical limitations regarding the clashing of physical models. I’m positing, broadly I admit, addressing and circumventing these limitations moving forward. Employing the design legwork necessary to transform these aspects into non-issues.

In lieu of a bevy of independent armor sets, a singular modular design that employs all these ideas. Not an idea without precedent, I believe. However, on review, I see you expressed pretty plain opposition to this idea, lol. Agree to disagree on it, yeah?

The issue is that in order to do that, they have to forego bringing back armor exactly as it appeared in past games. The Mark V[b] armor and attachments would look pretty weird if they had to conform to Mark VII’s core shape. The eventual Mark VI and ODST cores we can all see coming a mile away would too. Sort of like how Mark VI just looked wrong in H4 and 5, since it had to conform to the general rules of armor design and shape in those games.

It’s a bit late to expect this change I’m afraid, would be a pretty massive undertaking for the devs to go in and do a complete overhaul on the customization system to allow more armor pieces and color combos to be used with one another. Best we can probably hope for is that they at least design future cosmetics to work on all or most current and future armor cores.

I cannot for the life of me fathom a core shape of any real consequence beyond “human”. Perhaps there are distinctions I’ve never taken attention to but presently I’m not sure how much of an issue it would truly be.

For the separation of pieces, maybe so. I can’t speak to the intricacies of the game design process, only my displeasure with the choice. I will, however, stubbornly refuse to believe that the restraints on color couldn’t be eased.