I do not understand 343i

Hello all.

I am French and I hope my English is readable.

I want to say is that I will say is my opinion but I need your opinion too.

343i had announced a return to the source halo (halo 3).

I’m sorry but there’s nothing like a prommese in the air.

Speak assets (jetpack and more ) why have you given ?

I’m sorry but I can not find the feeling I had on halo 3, have the ability to kill the game.on each side there is that camper this is horrible can have even more play,especially those with camouflage in a corner that does not move.

For the game mode why not let us have this system of halo 3 or reach for playlist ?
1 new game mode a week I think it’s stupid.
especially as we quickly toured the embedded mode have tired quickly.

The best way to satisfy everyone but I think that this does will not be possible,made us with playlist capability and capacity without.

I believed in you 343i starts but I realize that you made ​​that worsened thing for multiplayer.

I’m sorry but I call 343i not return to its source.

for weapons I’m pretty happy except the dmr is made ​​ultra powerful compared to Br why we have put so Br?
was ca you return to us to source the Br?

I think I’ll stop here even if it has so much to say simply to settle the problem of playlist or ability would be really nice.

I’m a big fan of Halo I have all.
remains the best Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Halo 4 I do not know where to put it …

I do not want it but I want your opinion as a fan of Halo you

Hmmmm, it seems google translate doesn’t do so hot for French despite the similarities in syntax between English and French, I think I would have had an easier time reading that in French, no offense.

yes it is with google translation I’m sorry