I do not like the Controller Response Curve

Am I the only one here? Ive posted this here multiple times during the flighting but im the only one who I see talking about the Response curve for Halo Infinite compared to other shooters

I genuinely think the lack of curve options is the cause of many peoples issues with aiming

other titles like COD/Apex have numerous Curve options if the default doesnt suit you. Halo infinite needs the same if anyones really going to consider going competitive

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no your not the only one i too think the response curve sucks and the sensitivity are just to slow even with acceleration, the acceleration just throws off your aim in my opinion, i literally have to play on 10 horizontal and vertical just to turn fast enough and i still think its kinda slow i even have 0 deadzone to get as mush response and possible and its still slow, after the halo flight i literally took the survey so they can get feedback and i mentioned how they should give better sensitivity options, mcc sensitivity feels fantastic and infinites is just bad.