I do not like quickplay, but

It did force me to play games like oddball, capture the flag, and stronghold, 3 games I never bothered to play before and got to say, while I still prefer Slayer, I did find myself actually enjoying these game types.

So I think Quickplay should still be an option, but make it so that you can play the other separate game modes as well.

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Agree, I do like the diversity in the game mode. Keeps things fresh, but it should also have its own indiviual playlist mostly cos of challenges.

Strongholds is the game mode I am enjoying the most.

It’s a good way to start something immediately and provide a variety pack when you’re not sure what you want to do, but it should be Quick Play and not Only Play.

To me, a match composer makes far more sense and needs to be available at launch time.

I cant play it. Dont enjoy it at all. AR is too OP and Sidekick is too easy to spam. I think we need a match composer as well. AR starts has been a hated thing for 20 years

Didn’t MCC already have the solution for this in giving you pretty much full control what you were signing up for?

Why was that abandoned?

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