I do like that the tip names in the loading screens are either quotes or names from halo

its just so interesting to see a quote form one of the games or name drop a halo book


I saw one reference Killer Instinct, it gave me a smile ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Yeah, the loading screens kick butt in this game. Like Water I Ebb and Flow…

Also some of them reference the music. “Dread Intrusion” is the one I usually see.

They are really cool. I think it’d be cool to see one reference my favourite Halo quote of all time - “Die? Didn’t you know Spartans never die”, and then the tip below it talks about respawning or something. Just a hope I have. I’ve yet to see something along those lines.

I haven’t but I have seen the quote from a early h reach teaser ''we’re not going anywhere"