I did'nt recieve my Specialization Code?

I don’t understand why people who purchased the limited edition copy of halo4 would recieve a specilization code when they have it already…I meet the requirements to recieve a code and still have not recieved an email. Has anyone else been forgotten?

how exactly is an automated microsoft system supposed to know what version of the game you purchased? they got one for the same reason i got one the same reason most people will get one. the requirements were met.

patience is a virtue.

I’m with you, still have not received mine. Although they did say the 30th and the 1st. So I’ll just wait another day, hopefully it comes. If not, oh well.

they are not for the uk

whats the hold up on the codes for the Specializations…does anyone know why its taking so long for them to send out emails for the people this is not right at all.

join the club still havent received mine either