I didn't receive the Sol Testing Ground Nameplate & Emblem Set !?!?

As the title says, I didn’t receive the ‘Sol Testing Ground Nameplate & Emblem Set’ for taking part in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Flights before the game was released !?!?

I didn’t know these were being given away at the time…I’ve literally only just heard about it now !!

Was I supposed to do something to collect it or should I have just received it automatically ???

If anyone can shed some light on this for me, It would be Very Much Appreciated !?!?

Thanks in Advance for ANY Help / Info !!

If you played enough games you should have gotten it automatically. If you didn’t play enough they didn’t give it to you although i wouldn’t be surprised if the system just messed up and didn’t give it to you.

You have 2 options if you want it:

  1. Play in the Co op flughts because apparently they are giving it away again.

  2. Submit a support ticket and hope they respond

Did anyone receive the emblem yet from playing the co-op flight?

I don’t have it yet but I just assume they didn’t get around to delivering them yet to everyone.

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I have not received mine yet either. Have they posted what day they will be added?

Perhaps we’ll see them added in when they deliver the Drop Pod this Tuesday.

I haven’t got mine either. But i will say that beta was fun to get to try out.

I just checked right now and my account had it added, so check again next time you play and you should have them now.

That’s good to hear but did you get both the Nameplate and the Emblem as well, or did you just get one of them ??

Yes, both.

Nameplate and emblems for armor, weapons, and vehicles.

Sol Testing Ground should now be available/unlocked if you played the co-op flight. Was added earlier today.