I didn't receive Achilles?

I joined A Spartan Company called Shotgun Runners. They accepted my request on June 4th. They unlocked Achilles armor on the 6th shortly before I checked my notifications here on Waypoint. Does that mean it doesn’t count? Even though I was still active on Halo 5 during the time between being accepted and checking my notifications? If so that seems unfair. I was willing to help get progress towards whatever commendations they still needed and am willing to help get progress towards the helmet even though what I really wanted was the armor. I also don’t want to leave the Company to join another just to get the armor as I do wish to be a part of Shotgun Runners. I just feel this is unfair and would like it to be considered I be given the armor since by all rights I should have acquired it.

It still doesn’t make sense why you didn’t get Achilles if you got accepted in the Spartan Company before they got the amour then you got it I’m mean I can see why if you didn’t get Achilles Amour after you got accepted in the Spartan Company right after they got it unlocked. I’ll look around and try to get answers and then I’ll come back if I found any so I hope this helps you out. :grin:

It happened to me too I joined a spartan company As well because about two months in advance because it was close to getting it but I didn’t get anything.the spartan company is called Team Head Hunters

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