I didn't get a REQ pack when joining a clan

When I made a company, but then i left and joined a buddies company, everyone else got their REQ pack when it became active, but I didn’t get any REQ pack, I’d love to get and equip my shiny new piece of armour for Halo 5, please help out a fellow spartan here, thx

I too missed out on the free REQ pack. Is there another way to get one re-sent? You have to open the pack here at HaloWaypoint I guess for it to show up in the game. I cleared my Inbox the other day because I figured if I got a free REQ pack from a Spartan Company it would show up in-game & I would open it there. I guess it’s not the case. Is there any way to get that free pack again because I would really like the free weapon skin it’s supposed to give you. :frowning:

clan must be active ( with four people)

Yeah clan must be active min 4 players, i got no problem, wish you luck with that mate