Got the flash of light achievement lol. After much pain trying to use the pulse grenade. It took damage boost and explosives but -Yoink!- that is done! Time to focus on the other achievements lol

Congratulations. That achievement is annoying.

> Congratulations. That achievement is annoying.

Thank you, and indeed it was. Took me long enough. Now to do PV and AC achievements… I never use those AA anymore pretty much only use Thruster

Congratulations! Which map did you do it on? Out of the three I find Skyline to be the most promising =o Now onto Bird of Prey, right? xD

I got a double kill with a pulse grenade the day before the Majestic map pack was released.

Oh, the timing.

By the way, congrats!

It was on Monolith right above where the Rockets spawn in the middle of the match. I got damage then waited to die to call it in so I could get two more pulse grenades. Birds of Prey will be a harder one for me too because I rarely Assassinate. I usually beat down and already had Venetar from Best Buy Preorder.

That really sucks Bacon lol good luck doing it again

I finally got it today too. I was in FFA on Skyline. Two guys with no shields ran at each other to melee and I threw a Pulse Grenade right before they were able to touch each other and got the double.

Only Achievement I needed is Pigs Can Fly.

If I use teh “dummy” controller in FFA, will it register?

I need the 5 air assassinations and the jet pack one. I thought the jet pack would be easy, but everyone is using PV or camo.

I have every single achievement in Halo 4 now. The 5 air-assassinations was the last one I needed, and now I got my 1500/1500.

I got it just this morning. It was annoying, but nothings more annoying than the 5 airsassinations! God when will I ever get my 5th one! I got 4 today hoping for a 5th for 3 hours! I even got the “didnt see that coming” achievement just on my first try!

I got lucky, got it with my first two pulse grenade kills, one was assassinating another, I fired a storm rifle at them, lowering/weakening shields, then threw the grenade and got them both

I got pigs don’t fly… easy it will just take time.

Only one I need is the air-assassinations