I Did Extensive Weapons Testing, Here's What I Found

So I’m big about testing every little thing the games have to offer, including damage mechanics etc. I decided to see how melees and damage against vehicles works in the current build of Infinite.

Basically every bladed brute-based weapon does extra melee damage. I’m not sure about the exact number, but if you melee with a normal weapon it takes 13 plasma pistol shots to kill someone, if you melee with a brute weapon it then takes 11, so its not a whole lot of damage difference. None of the other weapons seem to have any of these bonuses. In short, the Mangler, Ravager, Skewer, and Hammer all do bonus melee damage (the hammer’s light attack, not the right trigger one.) This doesn’t have a huge impact on gameplay, but it does offer some interesting combos. The most prominent of which is the ability to shoot someone with the mangler once and then melee them to kill them. This will only work if the melee came from one of the above weapons. Additionally, instead of the normal 4 bullets to put someone in melee range with the commando and sidekick, it will only take 3 and a melee from one of the above weapons. This isn’t going to come up very often but it might randomly.

I have heard that the bayonet weapons have increased lunge distance, but I couldn’t tell one way or the other if they do. I need to do more testing and I only had limited time for these.

Vehicles are extremely tanky in this game, but the real problem is that the majority of weapons are useless against them. I don’t mean low damage, I mean USELESS. The majority of UNSC weapons will run out of ammo before they even scratch the paint. Of every weapon in the game so far, this is a list of all the weapons that are effective at killing vehicles, in a rough order from Best to Worst.

Rockets, Skewer, Cinder Shot, Sentinel Beam, Sniper Rifle, Hydra Launcher, Gravity Hammer, Heatwave, Energy Sword, Ravager, Pulse Carbine, Machine Gun Turret

Additionally, the Shock Rifle and Disruptor emp vehicles, although they do very little actual damage.

If I didn’t mention a weapon in the list above, it means there’s no reason to even waste your time fighting vehicles with them unless you are hitting the driver/passenger/gunner directly.

I hope this information was in some way useful to people, and I plan on doing more extensive testing soon. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing!!

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Idk about vehicles, it seems more difficult to get a good run in them

I think they’re overpowered for the most part

Thanks for this testing, very useful info.

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Anytime fam

I plan on making videos showing the details of all these tests so people can see them in practice. You can’t link things in this forum sadly but I’ll probably update the thread with information when it’s done

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Edit: After further testing, the shock rifle also has a the brute bayonet melee damage bonus. I honestly didn’t even realize it had a blade on it in the first place.

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