I’d like to see the Needler getting some sort of buff

Couldn’t disagree more… needler is very powerful. If they get the first shot you are dead already/

I think the needler is actually pretty OP. The tracking on the needles is insane and kills faster than pretty much any other weapon other than the power weapons. My only complaint is that it seems like it should supercombine faster if shooting an unshielded enemy. Currently it doesn’t seem like shields or lack thereof matter at all when it comes to TTK.


Yeah I keeps expecting people to explode after pumping needles in them and they don’t. Gonna take a bit to get used to this.

I’m having some success in the newer update. Specifically in Fiesta because i will spawn with it, but also in quick play. Not much use in BTB unless you’re up closer.
Not sure if they buffed it in the update or i just didn’t use it much before but i’m winning more gunfights with it now than i was previously.

Yeah since the update i have been killed around corners or down stairs, and have also gotten kills the same. that’s really advanced tracking.
Again don’t know if there was a patch to the needler in that update but i find it more useful now. Maybe it just took a little while for me to get used to it but i find it’s currently pretty well balanced.

I’d say both the tracking and range could be a little better. If your 5ft from someone it can usually get the kill but ive noticed sometimes it just doesn’t wanna track.

The visual effects also need a major buff. The needler should be like Halo Reach…

In fact, most weapons should be created to be fun, this “we need to balance the game”, is taking some of that fun out of the game.

Take the Grav Hammer. Who thought it was a great idea to put such a huge delay before using it. Could you imagine trying to play griff ball with that nonsense?

Honestly I’m not sure what I want from the Needler, I was a fan of how it handled in 3 in which the tracking wasn’t too great but it was made up for by its travel speed making it a relatively skillful gun to get supercombines with but also the current iteration feels kinda nice as well but as you said feels like it could do for a slight bump in some way.

a buff? you must be absolutely joking. This weapon kills you before you can even react, its an absolute joke and needs a fat nerf

There is zero way in hell how any of you can possibly think it needs a buff, im actually perplexed as to how you can even think this. EVERY single needler user i’ve encountred has killed me so fast I couldnt even say the word needler before realising wtf is going on.

IF this gets buffed then it’d be beyond a joke