I Changed My Mind

I used to criticize Halo 4, but I changed. After hearing and seeing new details emerge from Halo 4, the more excited I am.

Spartan Ops - This will really capture my attention in Halo 4. 5 new missions every week to dominate with my friends! Now that sounds like fun.

Multiplayer - I really love how they are basing the multiplayer on a storyline and setting it in a training facility. Although this does have some negative sides such as no elites in MP, this does allow for some change and something unique not included in other games.

Halo 4 will also have Halo 3 movement speed and jump height! After seeing the clip from the Conan show, I was excited because the Halo 3 movement was one thing I wanted in Halo 4. I was also excited about the idea that no AA will be too powerful. Sprint will detract when shot upon, and all armor abilities will cancel each other out.

Frankie confirmed in an earlier Neogaf post that Halo 4 will have a true system of skill. Whether this is the return of 1-50 or something similar to it, I am ultra excited.

Graphics and Sounds - The graphics and sound look and sound truly stunning. It seems like 343 used a lot of time with this by using phenomenal lighting effects and using real weapon recordings for the weapons.

Of course, I am still worried on how the game will turn out to be, but the Sparkcast really calmed some of my nerves. Random Weapon Spawns aren’t really that random, instant spawning isn’t in Objective, and it still plays and feel like Halo.

What do you guys think of Halo 4 as of now, and are you concerned for the changes that are being implemented or are you excited for them?

Excited… now .

As of now, I am cautiously optimistic.

Spartan Ops was the big attraction for me. The idea of a weekly co-op campaign made me giddy, to say the least. I’m sad to see Firefight go, but I think that Spartan Ops will be a worth successor

I don’t really care that multiplayer has a story, but I don’t mind it. There’s a lot of interesting place this could take us as the game goes on.

Campaign looks awesome, but I am really scared that we might be fighting Forerunners. I am still praying that this is a falsehood.

So there’s me with Halo 4.

> instant spawning isn’t in Objective,

The instant spawning system is the only thing I will complain about. Everything else sounds great :slight_smile: The main reason I don’t want the instant spawning system is because I think it will deter people from voting for objective games in playlists like BTB- people will probably want the instant respawn :frowning: