I can't win experience in xbox live

I was playing today at the morning… and one message arrive telling:
(This account been temporarily excluded from winning EXP. http//www.halo4.com/ban)

I wanna know why i can’t get experience?

IDK. Google it, or ask a Monitor.

It could be because you’ve reached the XP limit for the day. Can’t remember the exact limit. It resets after 24 hours I think. But once you’ve reached the daily allowed amount you can’t earn anymore until the next day.

mm ok thk soo much…!! :slight_smile:

daily limit? i know on reach the limit was like 200k but whats the limit on halo 4?

I think it’s 150k but that’s only after searching for a possible answer. Not an actual verified answer and I can’t speak from experience because I haven’t reached the daily limit before.