I can't watch "Forward Unto Dawn"

I got limited edition and entered the code on my Xbox, I can get it on that Waypoint, but I can’t get it online. Any help?

me too bro im searching the problem i want to see it online because i dont spend too much hours on xbox but i cant watch halo 4 on halowaypoin.com

Try going on to waypoint on you 360. Thats what i did and a msg popped up saying i could now watch it on my 360 or on my pc from waypoint.

can the 343 industries or the responsables for this web page resolve this problem. i really want to watch halo 4 foward to dawn online on this page with the legendary edition code because i cant see it online


i downloaded again the code and from halo 4 acces waypoint but the message that u are talking about doesnt appear bro what else can i do?

i found the solution u have to download a requirement neede for watch it online its the silverlight when u donwload it u can watch it