I can't wait for Forge World.

This will be the first Halo I am actually buying. I have played the other games at friends and rented the others(except for ODST). Forge World is enough to make this a buy for sure.

Might want to re-post your thread in this forum, OP.


I cant wait for Halo Reach. I dont know how much longer I can take it. Especially with Urk and other people just screwing around with their finished versions of Halo Reach.

I dont know if thats enough to make you want to buy it, but I guess its what ever floats your boat

WTF Shawski WTF need to calm down before because it is not coming sooner and we all have to wait

> WTF Shawski WTF need to calm down before because it is not coming sooner and we all have to wait

I don’t think he was over-reacting. If anything, he was under-reacting :wink:

I am SO looking forward to Forge 2.0.

I want to build a UNSC Frigate in the air to game in, on, and around.

I already have tons of ideas and with the new tools, those ideas shoudl be MUCH easier to accomplish.

Phasing and Fixed and two of the best upgrades Bungie could have given us.

IIRC, there is an ability to scale objects, but not all of them. If not, then that would be my next wish. I know it would be too late for that now. Still, I’m excited for all the potential this new Forge will give us.

I’m definitely quite excited about Forge World. I’m not going to lie. I’m terrible at Forge in Halo 3. I just don’t have the patience for it. Forge World however looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun to use. I have a feeling I may hop into Forge on release day before I even give the campaign a spin. Never thought I’d say that.

I love Forge, but I just never had the patience or attention span to make anything worth while in Halo 3. I did really enjoy playing with the filters in Halo 3 to create epic screenshots, so I hope Forge World has something similar.

I Know Man

Forge World will be GREAT. It’s one of the biggest maps of all time and the biggest one in halo. Probably not worth buying the game for but it will be good.

I would say that a combination of Forge World and the custom gametype settings are what make me want to buy this. I’m not much of a campaign kind of guy, but I am a game designer at heart so building my own maps and gametypes definitely fuel my game designer creativity fire. I am definitely looking forward to it and we are only 3 weeks away…

The first thing I’m going to do is build a gigantic race track and just mess around with it for a several hours. I am easily amused.

Forge world looks amazing. Im just gonna mess around with the new tools and stuff. So I wont spend an hour putting things in place and making things have to glitch.