i cant wait for forge maps to com to MM

i really hope 343 starts integrating forge maps into match making soon, im really getting tired of playing only haven and ragnarok over and over again.

I was wondering if the forge maps were in matchmaking. I was really excited to play them but I haven’t seen them at all. So they aren’t even in matchmaking then? That sucks.

That and the Extraction gametype. No idea why they weren’t in MM from the start.

Extraction. I remembered reading about that and even seeing a video. I couldn’t remember what it was called. Hopefully it will show up soon like SWAT did.

Once they put out the DLC map packs, are they going to put them in matchmaking? The Reach maps seemed to disappear this past August. Once they made that last update, I didn’t see any DLC maps until the day before Halo 4 came out. That’s two whole months of playing every day and not seeing DLC.