I cant use my spartan!!??

I know it sounds stupid but i have been having an huge problem with my profile spartan. At first things were fine while playing but than randomly i noticed i couldnt play with any of my loadouts i created nor the spartan customizations on my spartan. Instead it display’s the black default armored spartan with a SR1. But if i look at my service record it shows me my actual spartan and my real spartan rank of 8? Earlier this morning i was able to play with my spartan for two rounds of big team but than after that the next game started and i was the default once again even when i backed all the way to the main menu.

I’m having the same problem, I’ll post back if I find anything useful.

The servers are currently getting -Yoinked!- up the -Yoink- right now.


I’m no fanboy but CoD servers put up fine, after Halo 3 343 should of really predicted and acted against this!

Same fault here