I cant stand this anymore

Every gawd dam game this is happening. I have to put a full round plus all shots from my secondary weapon to shoot at an enemy and all it does is pops their shields. When I get shot it takes 2 bullets to kill me instantly! Most games is like this but when I look at other people play on twitch or YouTube it plays fine. Getting shot through walls, invincible enemys that don’t die, having no shields and they take half a day to recharge.
My first few games were ok and made sense if I died I knew how. Is it because of SBMM giving me server lag because if an enemy just looks at me I’m gone, dead in 1 second. This is so frustrating. It’s not because of skill. At best I’m average I can easily finish a game with 20 or more kills. I’m convinced that people who put money into the game that the skins are bugged just like what happened in Apex legends with one wraith skin that made the hitbox so small people would just not die. No more crossplay and gawd dam 343i let me choose what server I want to play on

I noticed by not relying on the sidekick my gameplay improved by quite a lot


I’ve never really use the sidekick cant get my aim right with it. I’ve had a BR shoot an enemy pop their shields and still shoot them in body and head then reload and shoot some more only to have the enemy shoot me and kill me. Does everyone have these magic cables that go stright to 343i like wtf