i can't recive points after a game

how come when ever i finish a game, i don’t get points,

on the after-game stats screen its says
“bonus multipliers x1.00”
“total score 0”

are you telling me that after a 2 hour game i get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Has this happened to you more than once? If it has than your account it glitched. Also, make sure you are playing in a matchmaking game and not a custom skirmish. Just sometimes points don’t register.

You probably need to wait for the game to be over or you didn’t kill anything.

> You probably need to wait for the game to be over or you didn’t kill anything.

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Well make sure you are playing matchmaking and are not quitting early

Sounds odd man, ive never had that problem.


this happens when i get killed off

i don’t quit, and i don’t diconect

whenever MY team wins, i get points, but when i get killed off, absolutly Zero

also note that it shows 0 for everyone else as well

??? That’s Really weird… I don’t know why it’s doing that… It’s never done that to me, that’s REally annoying! I’m sorry! =/

is your version from games on demand? because if it is, there may be a defect in the hdd or something. I don’t know I don’t have a clue. maybe the world(of halo wars) hates you.

When you die the game isn’t over. You need to wait until the game is over and that’s where you get your score multiplier. If you don’t wait until the end your score multiplier will be 0. Even if you back out of a game you will still get points when the game is over. So you don’t have to wait but if you want to see your points be patient. I was probably not clear enough the first time, so now I hope this will answer your questions.