I can't reach 343 support - Please help ?

I have been trying to reach 343 industries since February 2015 - Microsoft has told me to try posting the issue on this forum .
I Have the proof that I bought the Halo MCC, November 2014 when it came out ( Digital - pre download ), tried to get on multiplayer multiple times - horrible !!
Microsoft has all the records but I have not recieved my free month of Gold and the code for ODST DOWNLOAD (I know that ODST is not available yet ), but they told me I should have been notified awhile ago about this .
Microsoft has given me the 1 month of Gold free today ( very nice of them - they told me ODST has to come from 343 )
I posted the problem on the 343 Industries web forum months ago , but have not received any reply from 343 Industries.
I know its not a major issue, but I have never had a problem trying to reach support info like 343 Industries .
can You Help